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Programmed Dichotomy

Wartooth are a thrash metal band from Australia formed in 2013, releasing their 'Virus' E.P. in 2016, and their debut album 'Programmed Dichotomy' in 2020.    
Featuring eight songs of aggressive and fast paced thrash, Aussie newcomers Wartooth offer a blend of German brutality and American finesse. Across forty eight minutes, the band ooze head bang ability to please the moshers of the world. The opening song 'Wired To Die' is a ferocious and full on thrash metal assault. Full of aggression and snarling vocals, 'Wired To Die' is a head turning opening gambit - all seven minutes plus of it! And that is just the start of the thrash metal torrent - for the entire album is high velocity thrash, with a heavy nod to the old school style from the glorious eighties. Hitting harder than a wrecking ball, 'Scourge' launches a ferocious aural attack, combining blistering pace with the brutal nature of German thrash. The band may be from Australia, but boy have they widened their radar to take in influences and inspirations from all around the world.    
Keeping the blistering pace high and injecting yet more brutality, 'Kingdom Of Fear' is a savage barrage of fiery thrash. Even the vocals take on a more menacing snarl than what has gone before - the band seemingly fuelled by aggression. And the pace! Wow! Even quicker!! 'Predator' is a phenomenally fast slice of old school thrash - the kinda thrash bands such as Sodom, Destruction, Exodus and Testament forged a genre with - Wartooth a new name in the worldwide thrash metal scene. At over eight minutes in length, 'Benevolent Destroyer' is by far and away the longest song on offer, and features a menacing opening the likes of Slayer would approve of. And talking of Slayer, 'Benevolent Destroyer' toes the American legends style of thrash to a tee. From the menacing intro to the scorching pace as the song unfolds, 'Benevolent Destroyer' is a frightening thrash metal stabbing.    
The pace, aggression, and intensity, has been breathless from the moment I pressed play, and with absolutely no sign of it letting up, Wartooth forge ahead with the most "heavy metal" offering on the album - 'Sabotage'. That is until the vocals kick in and the pace gets even quicker, and then 'Sabotage' becomes a frenetic slice of head banging thrash. I tell ya guys, the mosh pits are gonna love this - the pace, the intensity, the brutality, the head bang ability... All off the fucking scale! Screaming pace adorns the airways in the mighty shape of 'Venomhead' - the most American thrash metal sounding song on the album. With a melodic streak running through 'Venomhead', bands such as Death Angel, Flotsam And Jetsam, and the mighty Onslaught spring to mind. And as we approach the final song, the blistering pace has not relented, with the ferocious nature of the album as fierce as ever. 'As Darkness Comes' ends the album in a blistering blaze of high velocity thrash - ending the album as it began.    
Overall, an unrelenting barrage of savage thrash metal, Wartooth deliver a full on and intense ride to get the adrenaline pumping and the head banging.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV