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Warrior Path

Warrior Path are a heavy power metal band from Greece formed by guitarist and composer Andreas Sinanoglou. The bands self titled debut album was released in 2019 and features Firewind guitarist and keyboard player Bob Katsionis, Beast In Black singer Yannis Papadopoulos, and drummer Dave Rundle.    
Ten songs, one hour, one incredible album of epic and glorious proportions. Warrior Path are a new band, featuring some extraordinary musicians, and boy do they deliver some cracking songs. Opener 'Riders Of The Dragons' begins in epic Iron Maiden-esque style, totally atmospheric and anthemic as it builds and builds into a thumper of a galloper. At over seven minutes in length it is a bold move as song number one, but as it sends shivers down the spine, Warrior Path are sending a clear message regards their musical ambitions. 'The Hunter' swaggers in to view via a short mellow interlude, becoming a very heavy and rampant high speed gallop. Foot on the monitor style heavy metal lights up the sky like a massive fireworks display on Bonfire Night. 'The Hunter' is infectious and catchy, and with its anthemic sing a long chorus, it is one of many dream delights the album has to offer. Another one of those delights is the fantastic and feisty full force power metal of 'Sinnersworld'. A pulsating rhythm resonates with every part of my heart and I love this song to bits. 'Sinnersworld' may just be one of the best power metal songs I have heard all year, and believe me when I say I've heard plenty...including the new Beast In Black album 'From Hell With Love' the band that guest singer Yannis is front man for.    
The influence of Iron Maiden is undeniable across some of the songs on this album, with 'Stormbringers' displaying some of the bold epicness that the British stalwarts inject to many of their anthems. 'Stormbringers' rasps and buzzes with an intensity, intense enough to make your heart skip a beat. Chiming in at over nine minutes in length, 'Black Night' twangs its way into life, drawing inspiration from the power ballad genre. Such an atmospheric and mellow opening with a highly emotional fuelled vocal performance, that you just don't see the biggest surprise of the album coming... With a boom and a bang, thunder strikes and 'Black Night' turns into an almighty heavy and slow foot stomp, displaying so much power that it threatens to demolish buildings as it majestically strides on. What a song and what a feeling. The album is only half way through and it's generating abnormally high adrenalin levels. I just hope I can make it through the second half... A second half that begins with the ten minute thriller 'The Path Of The Warrior'. More atmosphere, more tension and so much more intensity than any other song on offer, 'The Path Of The Warrior' is an orgasmic aural assault of the most pleasurable kind. Honestly, you could not want any more from one single song to make you fall in love with a band. 'The Path Of The Warrior' is ten minutes of sheer pleasure you'll never ever want to end...    
...but it does, and fuck me, what a superb song that follows. 'Fight For Your Life' is high velocity speed metal blended with the classic sound of European power metal. 'Fight For Your Life' actually eclipses the earlier 'Sinnersworld' as the best power metal song I've heard all year. A head bangingly addictive pace, infectious rhythm and a sing a long chant style chorus makes 'Fight For Your Life' a superb song. With no let up in the thunder, the power or the force, the album steams on at full tilt with 'Mighty Pirates' cutting a savage path across the land it hurtles over. Add a guitar solo that resembles something the aforementioned iconic British band may deliver, 'Mighty Pirates' displays NWOBHM nuances. This is fantastic stuff from a new band, featuring seasoned musicians. 'Dying Bird Of Prey' drags the album into power ballad territory and it is now time to raise those lighters high in the air and sway from side. 'Dying Bird Of Prey' oozes so much passion and emotion, even the most hardened metal/rock fan is gonna melt to this one. Sadly, the album enters the final furlong with one last astonishing offering. 'Valhalla I'm Coming' encapsulates everything that the melodic power ballad genre has to offer. An anthemic hymn like climax to a great album, 'Valhalla I'm Coming' is a simply breathless end to a breath taking album.    
Overall, a fantastic and quite frankly superb album of the best power metal you may hear all year.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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