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Path To Destruction

Warning Sign are a heavy metal band from Canada forming in 2013 and releasing their debut E.P. 'Wake The Dead' later the same year. The bands first full length album 'Left To The Sharks' followed in 2016, with their sophomore album 'Path To Destruction' a 2020 release.    
Hailing from the same country that gave the world some of the most iconic and genre defining metal bands - bands such as Anvil, Exciter, Voivod and Annihilator - come Warning Sign...their name says it all really! Like a full force hurricane, Warning Sign are a ferocious barrage of thrash tinged heavy metal. For forty seven electrifying minutes, the band bombard you with very heavy, yet melodic thrashy heavy metal, all kicking off with the explosive and feisty 'Redemption'. Quickly into its stride, 'Redemption' is a full on and in your face combination of thrash and heavy metal. This combination is a glorious mix, and Warning Sign have got the measurements just right... 'Broken And Bare' thunders in and races on at high velocity, exploding with some of the heaviest yet melodic riffing since mid to late eighties Metallica. Man, Warning Sign are good...    
...and I've only listened to the first two songs! Intense and fiery, the album powers on with 'Hand Of Fate' - a cacophony of mid paced foot stomping heavy metal. The head bang ability of the opening triple salvo has been one hundred percent... And I'm hoping the rest of the album is just as head bang-able. Electrifying pace takes over the album in emphatic style with the scorching 'Escape'. The pace is phenomenal, the speed is neck breaking, yet there is a huge melodic streak sewn in to the fabric of 'Escape', making it appeal to fans of heavy metal, thrash metal, and the odd rock fan too. And that chorus - an anthemic sing a long style or what! With its heavier feel and more menacing attitude, 'The Eye Of The Storm' is a thunderous and mighty march of "get out the fucking way" metal. 'Cause to stand in the way of 'The Eye Of The Storm' is one of the most foolish things you can do...trampled you will be!    
The title song 'Path To Destruction' sets a blistering pace as it rockets forth at high velocity. The mix of thrash and heavy metal is as accurate as ever, with just the right amount of the melodic to top it all off. Warning Sign have in their hands an infectious and delicious delight that is gonna infect the palettes of metal fans all around the world - and when I say infect, I mean infect in a very good way... Adding a hard rock flavour to their heavy metal come thrash metal sound, Warning Sign are gonna attract many rock fans into their "bubble" with 'Hell On Wings' - a bombastic and high energy romp. 'Children Of The Sun' is more mid paced than any other song on offer, and is a meld of thrash, hard rock and heavy metal, all wrapped up in layer of the melodic and topped off with just a drop of the epic - a drop that becomes a massive dollop with the eight minutes plus album closer 'Heavy Lies The Crown'. What a song, and what an atmospherically epic crescendo building intro... Slower paced than the rest of the album, 'Heavy Lies The Crown' has mood, menace, and changes of pace that just adds thrills to an already thrilling ending.    
Overall, a scorching rampage of thrash infused heavy metal, Warning Sign have delivered an infectious, and addiction inducing album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins