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Sign Of Heart

Wake The Nations are a hard rock band from Finland formed in 2010. The debut album 'Sign Of Heart' was released early in 2015 and features a number of different singers, giving the album a diverse sound as it meanders through the genres of hard rock and AOR.    
The opening song on the album is very much steeped in the eighties hard rock genre, as it hits hard with its catchy tempo and sing a long chorus. 'Fairytale Romance' has the sound that legendary bands such as Mr. Big, Night Ranger and Great White made famous in the late eighties and throughout the nineties. 'The Touch Of Your Hand' and 'All I Want' are feel good party rock anthems, both displaying a melodic mid tempo pace, foot tapping rhythms and great, clean vocals. 'So Broken' is a foot tapping, head nodding slice of hard rock that hints at some of the great power ballads that Bon Jovi have released.    
Slowing the pace to proper ballad stomp is 'Love Distracts The Senses', with a superb vocal performance. 'Love Distracts The Senses' will have you swinging from side to side, arms raised high with lighters burning bright. With a slightly heavier feel to it 'This Feeling' is radio friendly AOR similar to the likes of Journey, Kansas and UFO. The variety of songs on offer here, owe a lot to the many different singers used: original singer Krister Stenbom, the deep vocals of Dado Topic, Estef Martinez's strong female vocals and a number of guest heavy metal Finnish singers. Upping the tempo is 'Seas Of Emptiness', swinging its way effortlessly between soft rock and hard rock before 'Love Leads The Way' storms in and is simply a cracking melodic hard rock song as it flows along at a great pace, with powerful vocals and some superb guitar work too.    
'Until The End Of Time' is a meandering, slow burning rock song, memorable vocals and a rhythm that is so catchy. Arms in the air, lighters burning, this is a cracking song to "slow dance" to with your loved one. The album ends with the hard edged AOR stomp 'Who Am I', another party rock anthem sounding song.    
Overall, cracking mix of hard rock and AOR delivering foot tapping and head nodding rock anthems as well as some superb power ballads.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Inverse Records