Defy The Skies E.P.

Unleash The Archers are a female fronted heavy metal band from Canada formed in 2007 releasing their debut album in 2009 and the follow up two years later. The four song E.P. 'Defy The Skies' was released in 2012.    
'Upon Ashen Wings' opens the E.P. in swashbuckling bombastic style, thundering on its way, echoing the sound of traditional European power/speed metal. The guitars chop, the vocals are oh so powerful and head bangers every where will lap it up. The power and indeed pride of the Unleash The Archers sound continues with 'The Path Unsought', riding in on the crest of an acoustic wave, symphonic style vocals and when the pace changes, all hell breaks loose. Rampant, melodic hard rock at its very best, with an anthemic chorus that will be chanted all night long in the mosh pit.    
The power and pace of the songs on the E.P. is matched stride for stride by powerful, and at times soaring vocals. There is a hint of brutality at times as the thunderous rhythms stomp and romp with relentless energy. 'Soulstorm' is a perfect example of this. A quick pace that rages from start to finish, chopping guitars and breath taking vocals 'Soulstorm' is a cracking slice of heavy metal. And, the same can be said for the final song 'Arise', yet another high energy, high tempo romp that will have you head banging hard, screaming the lyrics at the top of your voice and punching the air with your fist like it's going out of fashion.    
Overall, high energy, fast paced heavy metal with soaring, symphonic style vocals, chopping guitars and a relentless, sometimes brutal attitude.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins