Guiding The Lamb E.P.

Unchained Beast are a thrash metal band from Norway, formed in 2010 from the ashes of a Metallica tribute band. The band are heavily influenced by the "big 4" of thrash and recorded and released their debut E.P. in 2013.    
'First Breath Taken' is a very atmospheric, haunting musical intro which sets the tone for the E.P. Title song 'Guiding The Lamb' crashes in on the crest of a massive chunky guitar riff as it plods on relentlessly pounding the senses with its heaviness and raspy gravel style vocals. Good guitar work and an excellent melodic undertone keep the song alive as it thuds and thumps its way to a conclusion. An almost acoustic guitar intro brings the raucous 'Gates Of Dumbr' to life, which is heavily influenced in style by the late eighties thrash sound. Sounding a bit raw, a bit aggressive and a bit Metallica-esque, this is old school thrash for the old school thrash metal fan.    
The epic 'The Infection Of Mankind' continues with the old school vibe as it races, full tilt, mixing elements from each of the "big 4" of thrash. The vocals are raw and aggressive, the guitar work is brutal and the drumming is thunderous. The final song on the E.P. 'Split Of Conscience' is over eight minutes in length and has so much to offer the listener. Opening with a short, Iron Maiden style guitar passage, the chugging guitar rhythm soon takes over and the opening vocals are almost whispered as they swing towards the earlier gravel style and then back again. More excellent guitar work and the song sounds less thrash like and more traditional heavy metal    
Overall, an entertaining blast of old school thrash metal with raspy, gravel styled vocals, chugging rhythms and some blistering guitar solos.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Promotion