Justifiable Homicide E.P.

Ulysses Siren are a thrash/speed metal band from the USA formed in 1983 who have been dogged with in fighting, line-up changes and the death of their guitarist Jon Torres (RIP 2013). Since their inception the band have released three demos and one compilation album (a collection of the first two demos). This E.P. contains three songs from their 2012 demo along with live versions of three other songs recorded in 2006.     
Will this E.P. be remembered as a Jon Torres epitaph or a memory of a great Bay Area thrash metal band that didn't make it big, I'm not sure...but which ever way you view it, the E.P. is a barnstorming listen. With heavy shredding guitars and a rough and tough rhythm sound, 'Justifiable Homicide#' is a ferocious blast of energy. With its snarling, throaty rasp of a vocal delivery and screaming guitar solos, this is exactly the down and dirty style of thrash that evolved from the Bay Area of San Francisco. Picking up the pace and intensity 'Bludgeoned Mass' rockets like, well, like a rocket. Buzzsaw sounding guitars chop and weave, vocals growl and Ulysses Siren are a band that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the (early) efforts of the "big four" that came out of the Bay Area evolution.    
'Lethal Inception' carries on the feeling of old school thrash metal and is a very heavy, chugging style song. Sparkling guitar work and cracking vocals 'Lethal Inception' is infectious and one of the most catchy style thrash metal songs you are likely to hear. The live songs were recorded in 2006 and while the recordings aren't of the best quality they do capture the raw energy of a band that plays with passion and for the fans. 'Leviathan/Above The Ashes' is raw, brutal and a heavy mid tempo foot stomp. Close your eyes and imagine the mosh pit, the sweat, the bodies jumping up and down fists in the air, boy those are the good memories. A sparkling cover of 'The Ritual' (by Destruction) sees the band play with versatility and adaptability to a slightly different style. The final song is 'The Reich', typical of the Bay Area thrash metal sound and a bludgeoning end to a great collection of songs.    
Overall, old school thrash metal from the (famous) Bay Area. The future of the band is still in doubt, but if it is the end, then this E.P. is a fitting tribute to a great band.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV