U.D.O. are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 1987 by singer Udo Dirkschneider after his departure from the pioneering power metal band Accept. Udo was a founding member of Accept, who launched and forged the German power metal genre, releasing their self titled debut album in 1979. Udo went on to release six more albums with Accept, departing the band in 1987 to form his own band U.D.O. releasing their debut album 'Animal House' the same year. 'Steelfactory' is the sixteenth studio album by U.D.O.    
Udo Dirkschneider is a legendary heavy metal icon, now celebrating over forty years as a recording artist. Udo recorded a total of ten studio albums with Accept, now up to sixteen with U.D.O. and has also featured as guest vocalist on albums by Raven, HammerFall and Lordi. The bands new album 'Steelfactory' is a melodic metal monster, opening with the rampant "foot on the monitor" style 'Tongue Reaper'. Oozing pace, power and passion 'Tongue Reaper' is a ferocious avalanche of power metal and is an explosive opening salvo. 'Make The Move' moves the album toward a much more melodic sound, hitting as hard as a heavyweight boxing champion. 'Make The Move' is a heavy mid tempo foot stomp, that continues with the heavier 'Keeper Of My Soul'. Delivered at a slightly slower pace, 'Keeper Of My Soul' is a heavy and majestic melodic march. Hard rock drops into the album to say "hi", with the rumbling 'In The Heat Of The Night'. Infectious with a catchy rhythm, 'In The Heat Of The Night' is addictive, with everyone singing in unison "in the heat of the night" as the chorus plays through. Awesome stuff from an awesome performer.    
Nodding its head towards the classic guitar sound of the NWOBHM, 'Raise The Game' blends the sounds of traditional heavy metal with melodic power metal. Heavy and more in your face than anything heard so far on the album, 'Raise The Game' is addictive melodic metal straight out of the top drawer. Would you expect anything less from a man of the calibre of Udo Dirkschneider? Of course you wouldn't... Majesticness marches on with the mid tempo bluster of 'Blood On Fire'. A mix of hard rock and heavy metal, 'Blood On Fire' stomps proudly on its way. Fast paced power metal returns to the album in emphatic style, with the bombastic and brilliant head banger 'Rising High'. A gem of a song, 'Rising High' is everything the power metal genre stands for, and if you've never listened to U.D.O. before, 'Rising High' isn't a bad place to start's time to raise your fists in the air and start head banging. 'Hungry And Angry' brings a touch of the anthemic to the album. Epic in its delivery, 'Hungry And Angry' is a Manowar-esque offering, and one that the American icons would be proud of. The chorus is a sing a long style offering, the rhythm is foot tappingly addictive and at two thirds the way through the album, 'Steelfactory' is turning in a "just can't stop listening" performance.    
The majestic march is more majestic than ever as 'One Heart One Soul' enters the fray. The first single off the album, 'One Heart One Soul' is a mid tempo blend of rock and metal, instantly likeable and with it's chant style chorus, this is surely gotta be a crowd favourite in a live arena... The new album clocks in at one hour in length and features thirteen songs, a cracking offering and well worth its weight. 'A Bite Of Evil' is a little more menacing than anything else on the album, sending a chill down the spine as it creeps in, resuming the mid tempo melodic style of most of what's on offer, although blistering pace returns to the album with the outstanding 'Eraser'. Vigorous head banging will ensue, giving head bangers all around the world a chance to rid themselves of any cobwebs and know that their necks are still as flexible as they should be. 'Rose In The Desert' is a rumbling romp of melodic mastery. Foot tappingly addictive with a cracking sing a long style chorus, 'Rose In The Desert' is anthemic melodic power metal at its best. And just as I was thinking the album was gonna run its course without a ballad, the final song blasts that thought right out of the water. 'The Way' brings the album to a close with a mellow meander of arm swaying and lighters held high.    
Overall, melodic power metal at its best, 'Steelfactory' is an infectious and catchy one hour of pleasure.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For BJF Media    
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