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Planetary Terrorism E.P.

Thraxas! are a thrash metal band from Australia formed in 2011 releasing their debut E.P. 'Planetary Terrorism' in 2021.    
Six songs and thirty minutes of groove styled thrash awaits anyone who dares to press play on the debut release from Australian metallers Thraxas! The band describe themselves as "a touch of gasoline and chilli powder" - and who am I to disagree! The blend of groove, gasoline, thrash and chilli powder is an interesting mix - and a very good listen too! E.P. opener 'Concrete Cowboy' is a bouncy cruncher of a song - mixing groove with a heavy hitting barrage of thrash. A harsh yet clean and somewhat aggressive vocal performance accompanies the brash nature of 'Concrete Cowboy', a nature that continues on with 'Ecophagy'...    
...but only after a minute or so of mellow serenity - and then boom! 'Ecophagy' takes off at high velocity, scorching the Earth as it blazes by in a fierce fury. The pace, purpose and intent is synonymous with blistering thrash metal - Thraxas! showing their prowess and potential. Keeping the high velocity pace high, the band stride on with the much heavier and more aggressive 'Seven Sided Strike'. Think 'Low' era Testament but with groove... Time to get those heads nodding you moshers, this is getting good! 'Phantom Pain' is the shortest song on offer, clocking in at under four minutes in length. Groove combines with muscular thrash to create a heavy hitting foot stomper guaranteed to numb the senses and tickle the taste buds...    
...for the bands style of thrash is a real tasty flavour - and I want more! And more I get...with the searing avalanche that is 'Warchief'. A real gritty, rabble rousing romp, 'Warchief' has blistering speed, aggressive vocals, and a bludgeoning rhythm that is so punchy, you will feel pain! Be prepared to suffer cuts, bruises, and maybe some broken bones too. The final song 'Sarcophagus', is seven and a half minutes in length, and is by far and away the longest song on offer. The menacing, tension filled intro, builds to a crescendo - and then all hell breaks loose. And at break neck speed too! 'Sarcophagus' setting a blinding pace as it steams on, trampling everything and everyone standing in its way - the band ending their debut release very much on a high.    
Overall, a storming thrash metal assault, Thraxas! deliver pace, power, groove and grunt over a blistering thirty minutes.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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