Theatrical Masterpiece

Thornbridge are a power metal band from Germany, forming in 2008 and releasing a demo in 2012. The bands first album 'What Will Prevail' was released in 2016, with their sophomore album 'Theatrical Masterpiece' a 2019 release.    
Germany and its relationship with power metal needs no introduction surely... But I will mention that Thornbridge continue the legacy that began in the eighties with such illustrious bands as Accept, Grave Digger, Running Wild, Helloween and Rage. Since those evolutionary days there has been a long line of new bands keeping that legacy alive and kicking, and Thornbridge are a worthy addition to that long line. Their sophomore album 'Theatrical Masterpiece', is a forty five minute masterpiece of theatrical power metal, which doesn't even contain the modern day, almost obligatory, power ballad... 'Take To The Oars' is however, the obligatory short atmospheric intro that graces a lot of power metal albums. Giving way to the albums title song, 'Theatrical Masterpiece' is a barn stormer of an opening salvo. Blistering pace combined with off the scale energy levels, furiously powers 'Theatrical Masterpiece' on. What an opening... Coincidence or a cunning pun, 'Keeper Of The Royal Treasure' has a title similar to the great 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys' by Helloween...! This 'Keeper...' however, picks up the pace, tempo and velocity, thundering along at break neck speed. Get those heads banging peeps, this album is turning in a cracking performance.    
Without letting up for an instant, the album storms on with the outstanding 'Revelation'. No not a cover of the Iron Maiden classic from 'Piece Of Mind', and anyway, that's 'Revelations', not 'Revelation'. Heart beating faster, adrenaline pumping hard, Thornbridge up the ante and set the bar high with 'Revelation'. A furious rampage of power metal savagery, 'Revelation' is a bold statement of intent. An intent that continues with the ferocious 'Demon In Your Heart'. Bringing a little of the melodic style of heavy metal to the album, 'Demon In Your Heart' is a thunderous and infectious romp of top notch power metal. Now, for those of you listeners out there in heavy metal land that are old enough to remember 1980 and the debut album by UK icons Iron Maiden, Thornbridge pay homage to one of the songs off that album, incorporating its main riff into 'Journey To The Other Side'. Now I'm not going to spoil the surprise and tell you which riff, you're just gonna have to take a listen and hear for yourself. 'Journey To The Other Side' is bombastic, catchy and memorable for all the right reasons. At the halfway point, I am loving this album and haven't stopped head banging since it began.    
And there is no sign of stopping either, as 'Ember In The Winter Grove' scorches the Earth as it races into sight. Head bangingly addictive, your feet will also be stomping hard to this one. Pace, power and passion all flow as one as 'Ember In The Winter Grove' moves majestically forward. The German power metal scene is definitely in safe hands as Thornbridge continue to excite the senses with the high velocity 'Trace Of Destruction'... And destruction is all that'll be left in its wake as the devastating pace will demolish and eradicate anything foolish enough to stand in its way. The standout song on the album is the phenomenal 'The Helmsman'. Everything you associate with the power metal genre is on display here, from the razor sharp, buzz style guitar riff, to the clean and clear vocal performance and the addictive sing a long anthemic style chorus. 'The Helmsman' is a cracking song and will surely go down a storm in a live arena. What a song 'The Helmsman' is, and what an ending to the album it would have been, but there is one more hurrah, and boy what a hurrah it is... 'Set The Sails' is the fastest song on the album, bordering on the thrash metal genre as it steams forward. High tempo, high velocity and highly energetic, 'Set The Sails' is a corker and a brilliant end to a brilliant album.    
Overall, a fabulous forty five minutes of senses tingling power metal that will leave you breathless as it majestically marches on by.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV