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Trust No One!

Scars are a heavy metal band from Norway formed in 2013, releasing their debut album 'In Constant Suffering' in 2014. The band released the 'Trust No One' E.P. in 2018 - and it is that E.P. plus three new songs, that make up Scars' new album 'Trust No One!'.    
The band - founded by guitarist/vocalist Ole Olsen - began writing songs for a new album back in 2019, but due to the COVID19 pandemic, the album was put on hold. After signing with a new record label in 2021, Scars will release their new album in 2022.    
Delivering ground shuddering heavy metal with enough vigour to bring dormant volcanoes back to life - the new album erupts into life with the mid paced heavy groove of (the title song) 'Trust No One'. Blending elements of doom heavy Black Sabbath with the groove of Pantera and the bands own scowling vocals, 'Trust No One' is a gentle introduction to the Norwegian metallers sound. I say gentle, because as the album progresses, it gets heavier and more aggressive - 'Eye For An Eye' increasing the thunder and pounding very heavily as it stomps on by. 'Echoes From The Past' maintains the thunder stomp of the previous song, but adds more menace, and a sinister vibe not heard before. The scowling vocals are still prominent, snarling and spitting venom with attitude.    
Heavier hitting, yet with just as much groove, 'Hold Your Horses' unbelievably increases the thunder even more! The current mid paced feel is heavy yet catchy - pounding the hell out of the senses with an infectious and all encompassing nature. I don't know about you guys and gals - but I'm finding this so addictive, I just can't stop listening! 'Trust No One!' is like a big fucking magnet - and as most people know, I'm so metal I set off metal detectors just by breathing on them! So yea, I'm attracted to this album in a big way. And for the first time, blistering pace lights up the album in the mighty shape of the fast flowing 'Volcano'. Hurtling along at a high velocity, it's now time for some serious head banging. And that breakdown for the chorus break - I'm gonna go insane! OMG - the chugging groove of 'I Go Insane' is fucking gorgeous! The warm fuzzy feeling coming over me is making my legs go weak at the knees - 'I Go Insane' a sweet spot hitting avalanche of sensual pleasure. Is that goosebumps I see before me!    
Certainly are...such is the excitement of this album. Well, the re-mastered E.P. anyways. 'Cause here come the three new songs - 'Hail The Fallen' a barnstorming crescendo of all out pace and electrifying energy. The bands root groove metal sound is still in there among the savage riffing that's gonna ravage everything in its path. As will 'Officer Of Sin' - high energy and tempo combine to create a feisty romp. With echoes of the power driven metal style of legends Judas Priest, Scars deliver a fairly British sounding song, yet lose nothing of their own groove metal style. Bringing a cracking album to a close, is the fast paced hustle and bustle of 'Battles' - another thunderous full on assault of groove metal with a heaviness heavier than the sound of traditional heavy metal.    
Overall, an explosive and highly infectious album of heavy groove metal that'll keep you hooked from start to finish.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV