Force Of Danger

Kryptos are a heavy metal band from India formed in 1998, releasing their debut album 'Spiral Account' in 2004. The band are commonly recognised as spearheading India's metal revolution, releasing a further five albums - 'The Art Of Gemini' (2008), 'The Coils Of Apollyon' (2012), 'Burn Up The Night' (2016), 'Afterburner' (2019), and 2021's latest release 'Force Of Danger'.    
Over the years, Kryptos have toured constantly, supporting such metal legends as Iron Maiden, Testament, Kreator, Exodus, Death Angel and Sacred Reich, and performed at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany - twice, in 2013 and 2017. Flying the flag for traditional heavy metal, the bands new album is a fast and furious thirty five minute gallop featuring eight songs - 'Raging Steel' exploding into life with the most ferocious of intent. The foot on the monitor gallop of traditional metal is in full flight, with the gruff vocal style of the bands singer adding a touch of aggression. And that my friends, pretty much sums up the bands sound - aggressive traditional heavy metal. The pace quickens with the all out bruiser 'Hot Wire', galloping furiously, setting new speed records as it hightails it outta here...    
With the blistering pace dropping a gear, 'Dawnbreakers' brings the classic sound of early eighties NWOBHM to the album - blending the styles of metal stalwarts Raven and Saxon to great effect. The opening three songs have been firmly rooted in the traditional metal genre, Kryptos flying the flag of metal very high. None more so than the fist pumping avalanche of metal 'Thunderchild'. The rumbling rhythm is highly infectious and oh so very heavy. The intensity of the album since it began has been unrelenting, the band a ferocious force of metal you don't wanna be stood in front of when it comes to town! Well, maybe you do, after all, it's down the front where we all wanna be! Pace and power rise to the fore as 'Nighthawk' powers on at full tilt, the thunderous fire and brimstone nature full of purpose and intent. The head bang ability of 'Force Of Danger' is off the charts - the worldwide mosh pits a frenzy of vigorous head banging.    
And head banging is something you'll be doing all album, as 'Omega Point' picks up the NWOBHM baton and runs full steam ahead. 'Omega Point' is also the most melodic song heard so far, following the trend legends Iron Maiden took heavy metal during the late eighties with songs such as 'Wasted Years'. Kryptos are staying true to the roots of traditional metal, ploughing a deep furrow with their latest album - an album that isn't over yet! The title song 'Force Of Danger' brings forth the anthemic style of metal, very hard hitting and rabble rousing. The foot stomp ability of 'Force Of Danger' (the song) is ground shuddering, and I feel sorry for all those who live below a metal fan playing this song! The album is brought to a close with the highly infectious 'Shadowmancer', a mid tempo, mid paced old school metal stride. Blending anthemic metal with the epic and glory styles, 'Shadowmancer' is a cracking end to a very good album.    
Overall, a glorious gallop of fast paced and highly infectious traditional heavy metal, Kryptos deliver an insanely energetic and addictive album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV