Hate Machine

Hellscream are a power metal band from the USA formed in 2012 by acclaimed singer Norman Skinner (Imagika, Niviane, Skinner), and guitarist David "Conan" Garcia (Cage, The Three Tremors). The band released their debut album 'Made Immortal' in 2013, with the follow-up 'Hate Machine' in 2019.    
"I scream... You scream... We all scream for Hellscream" states the bands official press release - and for fifty pulsating minutes, you just won't be screaming, you'll also be furiously head banging along to twelve, mighty power metal anthems. Hellscream deliver top drawer, hard edged power metal, kicking off with 'There Will Be Blood'. Infectious and catchy, as all power metal should be, 'There Will Be Blood' is heavy, thunderous, and a glorious gallop of foot on the monitor style heavy metal. The one major difference between the American and European styles of power metal is, American is much heavier, with European having a more melodic edge. 'Fire Starter' increases the heaviness, bringing a mighty foot stomping rhythm to the fore. Hitting harder than a world champion heavyweight boxer, 'Fire Starter' pummels and pounds the senses into a good way. Across all twelve songs on offer, Hellscream visit all corners of the power metal genre, with 'Weight Of The World' a more mid paced, mid tempo romp. Heavy on the heavy, 'Weight Of The World' hits like a loud thunder clap, making you both jump and scream with unbelievably joyous excitement.    
Mellowness and soulful vocals greet the listener as 'Oubliette' creeps in along the power ballad boundary wall, before launching forth into a ferocious and feisty tall and proud march. The heaviness that Hellscream have is phenomenal, a heaviness that descends into the doom metal style heavy that UK icons Black Sabbath portray. The opening one minute of 'Zero Recall' could have come from almost any Black Sabbath album, but when 'Zero Recall' explodes into life, this is definitely Hellscream, and not Black Sabbath. Screeching vocals accompany the heavy rumbling rhythm, as 'Zero Recall' takes a meandering journey through the genres of industrial, progressive and alternative as it swaggers on to a conclusion. Landing safely back in the power metal genre, 'Slaves Of The Sand' is one hundred percent melodic power metal straight off the top shelf. Addictive and infectious, 'Slaves Of The Sand' is a goose bump experience of exhilaration. The title song 'Hate Machine', is the shortest song on the album at just three minutes in length, yet packs a tremendously hard punch. Electrifying pace accompanies a thrash metal vibe, as 'Hate Machine' aggressively powers on at full tilt...heads banging hard to an out and out head bangers dream.    
The signature sound of American power metal is all wrapped up in 'Another Angel Down', bustling on with the intensity and addiction of everything the American style has to offer. Catchy and melodic, 'Another Angel Down' is one of the most infectious songs on the album. Dropping a gear, or two, 'Payback' opens with an eerie vibe, building a terrifying atmosphere in just thirty three seconds... And then suddenly, with a bish, bash and a bosh, 'Payback' launches into a ferocious and fierce, aggression fuelled assault of the most savage nature. Stepping into the thrash metal genre, 'Payback' is a terrifying experience, imposing a threatening vibe on the listener, just take a look at the title and a hard listen to the lyrics to understand why... 'Blood Rite' is all out fast paced American power metal muscle, flying the flag high for the genre. I have mentioned it before, but the heaviness that Hellscream have is of the highest level. 'Wake The Demon' is mid paced, mid tempo melodic power metal to nod your head hard and stamp your feet harder. And as the last song comes hurtling over the horizon, I am ecstatic to report, that this modern day power metal album is a ballad free zone. I am smiling from ear to ear as 'Generation Kill' confirms my report, delivering a menacing and mildly aggressive march of what can only be described as, the definitive sound of American power metal. And if you want to experience that sound for yourself, you ain't gonna be disappointed with 'Hate Machine'. So what are you waiting for... Go get the album... Now...    
Overall, a glorious gallop of fast paced and very heavy power metal of the most thunderous and infectious nature.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records    
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