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Keepers Of The Flame

Greyhawk are a heavy metal band from the USA formed in 2016 releasing the six song E.P. 'Ride Out' in 2018. The bands first full length album 'Keepers Of The Flame' was released in 2020.    
American heavy metallers Greyhawk, combine the sound of traditional heavy metal with the American style of power metal, to create an incredibly powerful and fast paced thunderstorm of full on and flat out metal. The opening instrumental 'Gates Of Time', is an eerie, one minute crescendo builder, that gives way to the galloping 'Frozen Star'. A force unleashed, 'Frozen Star' is a fast paced and fairly aggressive power metal romp. The speed over the chorus break is breath taking, and sets the album off to a flyer. And the flying doesn't stop there - 'Drop The Hammer' picking up the pace and hurtling on at high velocity, blending the traditional metal sound with power metal. The thundering opening double salvo is setting the airways alight with excitement, whetting appetites all around the world for the rest of the album...    
...which continues on with the pounding 'Hells Of Insanity'. More power metal then either of the two opening songs, 'Hells Of Insanity' is a big riffing, punchy and very hard hitting anthem. And that guitar solo... With all oomph and thunder subsiding, 'The Rising Signs' takes on the ambience of a power ballad, albeit in a real sombre and atmospheric mood. 'The Rising Signs' does build power to punch hard across the chorus break, but quickly returns to its sombre roots. The more hustle and bustle style of metal takes front and centre, as 'R.X.R.O' coasts into life and cascades on - for 'R.X.R.O' is an instrumental, and it's a cracking one too. There is plenty of guitar work to enjoy, and you may just feel the need for some head banging as well. And now for one of my favourite songs on the album... 'Don't Wait For The Wizard' is a song of beauty. There is melodic metal, "foot on the monitor" metal and power metal all combining perfectly to whet not just the appetite... An absolute corker, 'Don't Wait For The Wizard' must surely become a fans favourite too.    
Mid tempo and mid paced, 'Black Peak' is a big riffing and foot stomping crunch of a song. Very anthemic in its approach, 'Black Peak' is a striding majestic monster. Taking a long nod to the "old days", 'Masters Of The Sky' delivers an old school flavour, incorporating a slight dash of the blues into its swaggering rhythm. One of the most catchy and infectious songs the album has to offer, 'Masters Of The Sky' is gonna really please all the old rockers out there - and that includes me! Maintaining the old school flavour but picking up the pace, 'Ophidian Throne' is a thundering slab of "foot on the monitor" heavy metal. And with the most sing a long able chorus the album has to offer, 'Ophidian Throne' is gotta become an in concert crowd sing along. And to the final song, the title song, 'Keepers Of The Flame'. Bringing back the mid paced and anthemic style of heavy metal, 'Keepers Of The Flame' is a big cinematic style ending, the chorus is hymn-like, and the feeling is just massively atmospheric. A cracking end to a very good album.    
Overall, a galloping gourmet of fast paced heavy metal infused with power metal traits, 'Keepers Of The Flame' is an exciting and pleasurable listening experience.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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