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Healed By Metal

Grave Digger are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 1980 who released their debut album in 1984. Following the standard set by fellow countrymen Accept, Grave Digger are one the pioneers of German heavy power metal, setting light to a path that many other iconic German bands have followed, bands such as Warlock, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Rage, Running Wild and Primal Fear ... and so many many more. Grave Digger have released seventeen studio albums during their thirty three year career as well as a number of live and compilation albums. 'Healed By Metal' is the bands eighteenth studio release.    
During the mid eighties Grave Digger took everything their countrymen (and arguably the first power metal band) Accept had pioneered and advanced power metal to a whole new level. Their brand of metal was brash, bullish and in your face, and with the gravel voiced Chris Boltendahl, their sound was rough and tough. The bands debut album, 'Heavy Metal Breakdown' unleashed two of the greatest heavy metal anthems ever, 'Headbanging Man' and 'Heavy Metal Breakdown'. Grave Digger went on to rule Europe and eventually the world with a succession of albums that always contained majestic anthems, fast paced speed metal and some of the heaviest, doom laden riffing ever. So, have these evolutionary legends of power metal still got what it takes to be a force in the heavy metal arena?    
The new album opens with the chant "Healed By Metal" followed by one helluva heavy guitar riff, heavy enough to crush buildings. The feeling of power and force you get as 'Healed By Metal' (the album) opens with 'Healed By Metal' is over powering. Lesser mortals ask for aspirin, true metal heads ask for the volume to be turned up. Foot stomping and head banging is a must as 'Healed By Metal' marches on majestically and is ruthless as it advances to a conclusion. Intensity and power is increased as a chugging riff breathes life into the mid tempo 'When Night Falls'. The chorus is a catchy and sing a long affair with the rhythm a high speed gallop that will trample anyone brave enough to stand in its way. Ten songs are on offer here, with nine of them, rocking in at under four minutes in length! Grave Digger can still deliver speed metal though, and in the shape of 'Lawbreaker' they are galloping at their very best. With a pounding guitar riff to keep you head banging hard, 'Lawbreaker' will pummel so many other bands into submission.    
'Free Forever' introduces a more melodic feel to the album as it strides majestically on, head held high. The signature Grave Digger sound is there for all to hear, the throaty, gravelly rasping vocals and the chunky, hard hitting riffs. The pounding riffs pound harder than a pneumatic drill smashing concrete and is a thunderous treat for any power metal fan. Pace is lifted once again as 'Call For war' stampedes into view and chugs relentlessly, no, mercilessly on and on. The guitars are as sharp as a chainsaw and they buzz like one too. This new album from the German power metal legends is turning into a hard, heavy and thunderous journey. Grave Digger have always embodied everything that heavy metal stands for and lyrically have produced some of the best anthemic songs ever about the genre. 'Ten Commandments Of Metal' sets out, as the title clearly states, the ten commandments of metal, which are all listed below... The song itself is a mid tempo storm of heavy riffs and thunderous drums, but it is the lyrical content that 'Ten Commandments Of Metal' will be most remembered for.    
If you're looking for a couple of songs that define the attitude and direction of Grave Digger towards heavy metal, you need look no further than the twin shots 'The Hangman's Eye' and 'Kill Ritual'. Both songs are powerful, fast paced and are as explosive as big canons on a battlefield during war. With guitars that screech and scream over a galloping rhythm this double barrelled barrage is not for the faint of heart. Heads will be banging, fists will be punching the air and adrenalin levels will take an upward trajectory at such a velocity they will rocket right into space. 'Hallelujah' keeps the pace moving but with a much more melodic approach and a chant of a chorus that will be screamed out loud at concert venues. Bringing a superb album to a close is the very heavy and doom laden riffing 'Laughing With The Dead'. Majestic, epic and bold, 'Laughing At The Dead' struts its stuff with an immense heaviness. At over five minutes in length, it is by far and away the longest song on the album. The chorus is also a sing a long chant which is most unusual for such a doom heavy song. Grave Digger may be over thirty years old, but with plenty still to offer the world of heavy metal, the band are no where near the end of their career.    
Overall, a majestic and epic romp of power metal blended with some very heavy doom riffing and a touch of pace, keeping Grave Digger at the forefront of the power metal genre.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
'Ten Commandments Of Metal'    
The First Commandment Is... Thou shall not play the guitar without distortion    
The Second Commandment Is... Thou shall not cut your hair    
The Third Commandment Is... Thou shall hit the drums as hard as thou can    
The Fourth Commandment Is... Thou shall share your beer with your brothers and sisters in metal    
The Fifth Commandment Is... Thou shall raise your hands to show the devil horns    
The Sixth Commandment Is... Thou shall play metal music as loud as you can    
The Seventh Commandment Is... Thou shall never wash your metal vest    
The Eighth Commandment Is... Thou shall not praise the day without heavy metal    
The Ninth Commandment Is... Thou shall defy the weather at heavy metal festivals    
The Tenth Commandment Is... Thou shall always stand side-by-side because you are metal    
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