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Nothing But The Night E.P.

Grave Cross are a heavy metal band from Mexico formed in 2009 who released a demo in the same year. Their first official release is the 2016 E.P. 'Nothing But The Night'.    
Opening the E.P. is the title song 'Nothing But The Night' with a definite Judas Priest influence. Chugging, melodic heavy metal that warrants a foot stomp and a head bang, the chorus is catchy and sing a long. 'The Curse Of The Witch' is a higher tempo, more energetic song with buzzing guitars. Vocals are clean and clear and Grave Cross are making an impressive debut into the heavy metal arena.  The guitar solos across the first two songs are well played and scream for attention.    
The self titled song 'Grave Cross' buzzes into life with a more thunderous approach and a heavier guitar sound. You will definitely be banging your head to this one. All too soon though this four song E.P. comes to an end; ending with 'The Devil's Skull' and its buzzsaw style guitars. Grave Cross have impressed with this release, now we have to wait and see if there is a full length album to follow...should be good if there is one.    
Overall, an impressive debut, with buzzing guitars and chugging rhythms, reminiscent of the British heavy metal sound from the eighties.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV