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Of Angels And Snakes

Goblins Blade are a heavy metal band from Germany, formed in 2018, releasing the three song E.P. 'Awakening' in 2019, and their first full length album 'Of Angels And Snakes' in 2020.    
Germany needs no introduction when it comes to their history of producing metal bands, both power and traditional - they are probably the worlds foremost exponent, and have been for the past four decades, and I'm fairly sure they will continue to be for many decades to come. One of Germanys more recent metal exports Goblins Blade, have just released their debut album 'Of Angels And Snakes' - nine songs across forty two intensely heavy minutes. The album is launched forth with 'Snakes From Above' - a short crescendo building and eerie opening, and then boom, we're off and running at full tilt. Galloping heavy metal with a chant style chorus, and 'Snakes From Above' sets a scorching pace. Goblins Blade may claim to be a heavy metal band, but there are definite strains of their homelands power metal roots weaved into their sound. 'Pay For Your Sins' hustles and bustles into view, assuming a mid tempo and anthemic metal feel. The heaviness reaches new heights with 'Pay For Your Sins', and a Judas Priest-like flavour can be tasted here...    
     can the flavour of so many traditional heavy metal legends. And after just two songs, Goblins Blade are impressing with their debut full length offering. 'Blink Of An Eye' picks up the pace, tempo and energy - fairly coasting along at the iconic "foot on the monitor" gallop. There is an impressive amount of the melodic sewn into the Goblins Blade sound, making for an infectious and "wanna hear more" listen. Taken from last years 'Awakening' E.P. 'Final Fall' is a high velocity thunderstorm of epic proportions. The fastest song on the album so far, 'Final Fall' will have the head bangers of the world drooling with excitement. Cracking stuff from a new band looking to make an immediate impression. "a place in which everything is perfect" is how an internet dictionary defines utopia, and in the mighty shape of 'Utopia', Goblins Blade do a near perfect job of getting to utopia. The Iron Maiden influence here is undeniable, the galloping pace and "foot on the monitor" feel is exciting, and will have fans punching the air in delight. 'Utopia' is by far and away the best song on the album so far.    
At over six minutes in length, 'When The Night Follows The Day' is the longest song on offer, and is a Manowar-esque mid tempo melodic march with an off the scale energy reading. Way too heavy to land in ballad territory 'When The Night Follows The Day' has a hymn-like style chorus that is so sing a long able you'll be singing along without even realising it. 'When The Night Follows The Day' could well become the centrepiece of Goblins Blade live... Energy and heaviness return with a vengeance, as 'The Bell Is Broken' strides majestically forward with a massive melodic foot stomp. The overall heaviness and intensity of the album has not relented one bit, getting heavier with the doom driven 'Fall Into Darkness'. The most moody and dark song on offer 'Fall Into Darkness', has a Bruce Dickinson sounding vocal performance. And without a ballad in sight we arrive at the final song... 'Call For Unity' is a high paced gallop, the fastest song on the album by a long shot. Yet it loses absolutely nothing of the massive melodic edge that streaks right through the album. Goblins Blade are gonna make a huge impact on the heavy metal scene with this album, so remember their name, as I'm sure we're gonna be hearing a lot more from them in the future.    
Overall, an impressive debut, full of energy and bombast, with plenty to head bang and sing a long to, 'Of Angels And Snakes' is a very good album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV