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Cult Of Sedna

Gloryful are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 2010, releasing their debut album 'The Warrior's Code' in 2013. 'Ocean Blade', the bands second album was released the following year, with their third album 'End Of The Night' a 2016 release. 'Cult Of Sedna' is the fourth album by Gloryful and was released in 2019.    
Germany, the hot bed of power metal bands, has Gloryful as one of its latest compatriots. Delivering a harsher, more aggressive style than the usual German power metal fare, Gloryful blend traditional heavy metal, with the pace and power of thrash and speed metal, with the resulting output a breathless rampage of raucous fury. The album explodes into life with the high velocity 'Cult Of Sedna/The Oath', displaying thrash metal tendencies as it races on at full tilt. Addictive and infectious, you will be head banging from the albums start to its finish, as the next forty five minutes becomes a ballad free zone... 'Brothers In Arms' picks up the pace and flies along at jet fighter speed. One of Germany's power metal pioneers Rage, are famous for including thrash metal elements into their traditional power metal sound, and Gloryful deliver the same exhilarating combination. 'Brothers In Arms' has majestic melodies woven into its pulsating rhythm and is a breath taking foray of fiery heavy metal.    
Introducing a more melodic feel, 'Void Of Tomorrow' is mid tempo and very heavy. Gloryful are delivering a "foot on the monitor" style experience, every song addictive and infectious. The head bang ability of 'Void Of Tomorrow' is off the scale and my head is whipping back and forth with some force I can tell you! The first single released off the album 'The Hunt', is boisterous and bolshie, and is a frenetic foray of rampant heavy metal. The pace of 'The Hunt' is phenomenal, and will leave scorch marks on the ground as it screams past at high velocity. What an album this is turning out to be! An early contender for Album Of The Year 2019, 'Cult Of Sedna' is setting out its stall, warts and all, of the standard needed to succeed. With no let up in pace or power, the album strides on with the majestic and melodic 'True 'Til Death'. More mid tempo than anything else on offer, 'True 'Til Death' is a heavy metal come heavy rock gem.    
The heavy rock vibe is carried into 'When The Union Calls On Me', bordering on the anthemic, and heavily influenced by the American style of melodic power metal. Swinging over to the land of tea and scones, 'Desert Stranger' has a definite UK hard rock style going on. Big riffing and heavy hitting, 'Desert Stranger' is bombastic and will smash holes in walls with its ferocious punch. The album returns to its rough and tough power metal roots with the blistering speed metal cacophony 'My Sacrifice'. Fast and furious, 'My Sacrifice' threatens to break the world land speed record as it hurtles forth at break neck speed. Thrash infused power metal has never sounded so good... 'Saints & Sinners' is the album closer, and what a way to end the album. Featuring a buzz style guitar riff synonymous with the iconic NWOBHM sound, 'Saints & Sinners' is a frenetic and fiery end to forty five minutes of rough, tough and gruff power metal.    
Overall, a rabble rousing rampage of furious thrash tinged power metal, Gloryful deliver a head bangingly infectious album of heavy hitting anthems.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV