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Evil Undertow

Ghost Machinery are a melodic heavy rock band from Finland formed in 2002 with their first two albums 'Haunting Remains' and 'Out For Blood' released in 2004 and 2010 respectively. Their third album 'Evil Undertow' was released in 2015.    
From the opening strains of 'Arms Of The Strangers' you immediately get the sense that this is gonna be one of those heavy, hard rock albums that will, just once or maybe twice, place a foot into the heavy metal genre. Great guitar hooks complimented with keyboards and strong vocals 'Arms Of The Strangers' is a sparkling introduction. 'Fatal' does heavy the atmosphere, but with a melodic bridge, an AOR style chorus and a foot tapping rhythm rather than a head banging one, Ghost Machinery are a definite hard and heavy rock band. Sinister and menacing is the style of 'Kingdom Of Decay' as it strolls by holding its head high and bludgeoning the audience with awesome power.    
The superbly titled 'Go To Hell (It's Where You Belong)' is a swaggering power metal song, blazing guitars, a rampant rhythm and bold, brash vocals will heave you head banging hard. The title song 'Evil Undertow' has the typical European power metal sound more commonly associated with bands such as Primal Fear, Blind Guardian and Sabaton. 'Brave Face' and 'Tools Of The Trade' are both steady mid tempo hard rock songs that just ooze gentle head nodding tendencies. Fans of traditional AOR will lap 'No Easy Way Out' up...but Ghost Machinery seem to have installed a hard edge in there somewhere. Classic hard rock returns in the form of 'Dead Inside' with its catchy and memorable hooks. 'Dead Inside' will have you tapping your feet so hard you may just crack the concrete beneath you.    
'Lost To Love' blends the traits of diverse bands The Scorpions and Journey to great effect. Clean and clear vocals, atmospheric rhythms and a sing a long chorus keeps the song moving along like the classic rock genre sounding song it is. 'The Last Line Of Defence' picks up the pace with a blast of high intensity energy and will have the head bangers banging their heads in delight at the ferocious and frenetic pace. A superb keyboards intro heralds the arrival of 'Fight For The Strangers'. As the keyboards give way, the song races off at a mid tempo pace, blistering guitars and galloping rhythms. 'Never Stop Running' ends the album in a blaze of chopping guitars and a top notch vocal display. With no ballad apparent on this album, Ghost Machinery have managed to keep the intensity going with no break for breath.    
Overall, power metal with strong hints of AOR that will have your feet tapping and head nodding in appreciation of a catchy and infectious collection of rock songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records    
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