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Return To Power

George Tsalikis (Overlorde, Porphyra, Zandelle, ex-Gothic Knights), is a heavy metal artist from the USA, releasing his debut album 'The Sacrifice' in 2016. His second album 'Return To Power' was released in 2021.    
Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboard and piano are all performed by Tsalikis, with Joe (Jofu) Cardillo on drums. 'Return To Power' sees a power metal feel descend over the album, harking back to the glorious eighties with bands such as German power metallers Helloween and Gamma Ray, and British traditional metallers Judas Priest. For nigh on one hour of power, Tsalikis treats the ears to ten infectious songs that relentlessly batter the senses. The wall of sound emitted from 'Return To Power' is intense, and will keep you glued to your speakers for the entire hour. The album explodes into life with the blistering 'Live To Ride', weaving a path of destruction through the entire power metal genre. With early Helloween as its influence, 'Live To Ride' is a rapturous opening. Beefing up the power metal sound, 'The Chase' brings touches of the traditional heavy metal style to the album, planting both feet firmly on the monitor. A scorching opening double salvo, and the album turns a corner into mid tempo melodic mastery in the guise of 'Dehumanized'. A marching rhythm the like of which Iron Maiden drive many of their songs, features highly as 'Dehumanized' marches on.    
With its heavier chug and menacing vocal delivery, 'Burden Of Proof' brings a slightly sinister vibe to the album, yet also maintains the albums recent melodic intent. The underlying power metal sound is more inline with the European style than the American, with great big dollops of traditional heavy metal thrown in for good measure. Pace lights up the album in the shape of the mighty 'Together We Rise' displaying all the traits of punchy power metal. Together with its infectious nature and anthemic sing a long chorus, 'Together We Rise' is destined to become an in concert crowd favourite. With an intro styled in the buzzing guitar sound so synonymous with the iconic NWOBHM, 'Stand My Ground' is a storming traditional metal inspired gallop. With near to no power metal influence, 'Stand My Ground' stands proudly in the heavy metal genre. Atmospheric keyboards breathes life into 'In Memory', a melodic meander that wanders close to the power ballad style of metal - close but not close enough! A heavy foot stomp takes over and 'In Memory' marches on majestically.    
The jack hammer style of metal raises its head high for the terrifying 'The Demon Barber'. I say terrifying because 'The Demon Barber' is George's take on the Victorian urban legend that is Sweeney Todd - a barber from Fleet Street, London, who uses a straight razor to murder his customers. The slower demonic pace of 'The Demon Barber' fits the tale of Sweeney Todd perfectly. With a tension filled intro, 'Master Of The Sky' slowly becomes a fast and furious power metal gallop. The fastest song on the album, 'Master Of The Sky' sets a fierce pace as it scorches by. The final song on offer, and also the longest, is the glorious heavy stomping 'The Dragon Has Fallen' - a style made famous by the legendary Manowar. 'The Dragon Has Fallen' brings the curtain down on an album packed with songs displaying all the good in the power metal and traditional heavy metal styles.    
Overall, a sparkling mix of power and traditional heavy metal with every song on offer infectious and addictive.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV