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The Eagle Will Rise

Generation Steel are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 2019 by ex Dead Man's Hand and ex Bullet Train guitarist Jack The Riffer, releasing their debut album 'The Eagle Will Rise' in 2020.    
Germany rarely needs an introduction when it comes to the realms of heavy, or indeed, power metal. For over four decades they have produced an endless line of great metal bands, starting with legends Accept and Grave Digger, and now, forty years later, a new band has emerged from the land of metal - Generation Steel. Blending traits associated with the power metal and traditional metal genres, Generation Steel's debut album 'The Eagle Will Rise' is a colossal thirteen songs and one hour in length. A weighty offering, and one that is well worth its weight - and the purchase price too! For 'The Eagle Will Rise' is a full on and intensely powerful romp of all out heavy metal, opening with the title song, the fast paced and thunderous 'The Eagle Will Rise'. Quickly into its stride, 'The Eagle Will Rise' (the song) is an intensely infectious song, and an immediate head turner that makes you go "wow". What an opener! 'Invoke The Machine' is a mid tempo monster. The heavy foot stomp is accompanied by menacing aggression - not the kind associated with thrash metal, but the kind that fellow countrymen, and legends, Rage deliver. Rage are without question the creators of the aggression fuelled power metal style, with Generation Steel echoing that iconic sound. The self titled 'Generation Steel' is traditional heavy metal all the way. The guitar riff so synonymous with the iconic NWOBHM, stands tall and proud. And the anthemic style chant chorus is a joy to behold, and surely will be a crowd participation moment of huge enjoyment.    
After just three songs, Generation Steel get my vote as one of the most exciting new bands of recent emergence. Increasing the pace considerably, is the fast and furious 'Warbringer'. Entering the heavy/power metal zone, 'Warbringer' is aggression fuelled and bordering on the thrash metal zone. Generation Steel are upholding the great tradition that Germany has for producing awesome metal bands, and as we enter a new decade, the future of German heavy metal is in safe hands. And there's that iconic NWOBHM guitar sound once more, as 'Temple Of Malady' sets sail in a flourish of feverish riffing. The most melodic, yet still very heavy, offering heard so far, 'Temple Of Malady' is the stuff of head banging dreams. What has started as a great album is slowly becoming a stunner. And with songs like 'Praying Mantis', 'The Eagle Will Rise' (album) is on the road to becoming a superb album. 'Praying Mantis' is forceful power metal to get the pulse racing and adrenaline flowing. Fists will be punching the air in delight, giving the highest salute to an incredible performance.    
A performance that stands out as one of the best of the year, and surely one of the stronger Album Of The Year contenders. Enter 'The Chariot', a mighty metal monster of pure unadulterated heavy/power metal. At the halfway mark of the album, there is absolutely no sign of the intensity level wavering - if anything, the intensity level is as high now as it was when the album began! Generation Steel are promising so much with their debut effort, I really hope they don't become a one album wonder. I'm sure they won't, especially with songs like 'Shadow In The Dark' ploughing a deep furrow in the field of heavy metal - so deep in fact, the band have entered the doom heavy style of Black Sabbath, and mixed it with the anthemic style of Manowar. A glorious sound, 'Shadow In The Dark' is one of my favourites off the album. A speed metal frenzy takes over the album as 'Soulmates' storms in. The pulsating sound of power metal blended with speed metal is an exciting mix, and features heavily as 'Soulmates' scorches by.    
With four songs still to go, the intensity and addict-ability has not waned for a single second, and with the speedster 'On My Way' setting new speed records, it isn't going to either. 'On My Way' is the fastest song heard on the album so far, and is an absolute peach. The serious head bangers of the world are gonna have so much fun in the mosh pit. And oh my oh my, the band had me fooled for a moment. 'The Wayward One' opens with the mellow strains associated with a power ballad - but quickly ramps up the intensity to become a thunderous but fairly melodic romp. And with a catchy chant style chorus, 'The Wayward One' will surely go down a storm in a live arena. And with a title that screams "power ballad", 'Heaven's Calling' is thankfully not a ballad. I say thankfully because, and regular readers will know this, ballads are for the rock genre, and not the metal genre. That's my opinion, and it's not open for debate. Anyway, back to reviewing, 'Heaven's Calling' is a hustle and bustle, thunder filled romp with a blazing beauty of a guitar riff. And with the final song just around the corner, what an album this has been. No loss of interest, every song memorable and adorable. I don't often recommend albums, but this one I will. You won't be disappointed. The albums final flourish, is the fast paced 'Alive', featuring the traditional style of metal with the bands signature power come heavy metal sound. A glorious finish to a glorious album.    
Overall, a superb album from a new band, chock a block with head bangers, and an infectious nature that is second to none. Generation Steel - remember the name.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV