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Metal 'N' Roll E.P.

Gasoline Guns are a metal band from the Ukraine formed in 2013 who released their five song demo in 2015.    
Sounding like a party metal version of Motorhead, Gasoline Guns open their 'Metal 'N' Roll' E.P.. with 'Joker 666' featuring vocals that resemble a cross between Lemmy (Motorhead), Cronos (Venom) and Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger). Up tempo and catchy, 'Joker 666' romps along with some great hooks and enough melodic moments to appeal to both the heavy metal and the hard rock genres. Picking up the pace and intensity is 'This Hook Got Caught Up You', with a rhythm that is reminiscent of early Motorhead and a throaty, gravel edged vocal performance.    
'Blaze Up' is an infectious romp of punk tinged heavy metal, with a vocal performance that reminds me of the Finnish heavy metal band Lordi. Continuing the fusion of punk and heavy metal is 'Whiskey Funeral Spell' with the vocals raspy and throaty, the guitars chug away endlessly and the backline is a solid compliment. Ending the 'Metal 'N' Roll' E.P. is the up tempo and raucous 'Panzer Rock 'N' Roll'. As near to a thrash metal sound as this E.P. gets, it is full of pace, speed and blistering guitar work.    
Overall, punk tinged heavy metal with a raspy, throaty vocal sound and some blistering guitar work.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Gasoline Guns    
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