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Speed Between The Lines

Gama Bomb are a thrash metal band from Ireland formed in 2002, releasing their debut album 'Survival Of The Fastest' in 2005. Their second and third albums followed in successive years, 'Citizen Brain' (2008) and 'Tales From The Grave In Space' (2009). Known for their fast paced, speed metal infused thrash style, Gama Bomb released their fourth album 'The Terror Tapes' in 2013, with their fifth 'Untouchable Glory' emerging in 2015. Following the recent release of their hit single '666teen', Gama Bomb are set to unleash their sixth album 'Speed Between The Lines' in autumn 2018.    
Twelve songs, thirty four minutes, this is gonna be a rush, both "in a hurry" and "adrenalin pumping". Gama Bomb launch their new album with the ferociously fast paced 'Give Me Leather'. Quickly into its stride, 'Give Me Leather' runs amok, delivering a catchy anthemic chant style chorus as it races on by in unstoppable mode. The pace quickens to a sound barrier breaking speed as 'A Hanging' steams in and is a fierce rush of thrash infused speed metal. A breathless opening double salvo is followed by the explosive and in your face 'We R Going 2 Eat U'. More aggressive than the opening shots, 'We R Going 2 Eat U' is intense and attitude laden, but then c'mon, just look at the title, why would expect anything else! All twelve songs on the album clock in at under four minutes, with an incredible seven, less than three...    
The first single released off the album is a blistering slice of speed metal. '666teen' is highly infectious, very lively and has a cracking chant style sing a long chorus, "666teen". Awesome stuff. With no sign of any let up in either pace or power, 'Bring Out The Monster' rockets into view and races off at high velocity. Gama Bomb play urgent, almost "race against time" style thrash metal, very fast, very intense and an absolute joy to head bang to. Necks will be sore in the morning after a Gama Bomb concert that's for sure. The album speeds on with the raucous 'R.I.P. U', flying past like a jet fighter off to war, and delivering the same explosive force as the jets full payload. And talking of explosive, 'Motorgeist' is one of the fastest songs on offer and scorches the Earth as it scurries on its way. 'Motorgeist' also has that punkish tinge that legends Motorhead brought to the heavy metal genre. A tinge that 'Alt Reich' also has in abundance, as it furiously rushes on past. Gama Bomb are all hustle and bustle as much as they are bullish as they charge forward at speed.    
'Stay Rotten' keeps the blistering pace of the album going. Fiercely furious, 'Stay Rotten' is infectious and full of thunder as it storms by in a flash. With yet another increase in pace, Gama Bomb lurch forward with a song about American actor Kurt Russell (Tango & Cash, Escape From New York, Escape From L.A.) and with no surprise, have called the song 'Kurt Russell'... An amazing speed metal cacophony, 'Kurt Russell' is highly addictive and will have you head banging furiously. The high speed doesn't let up either as 'World Gone To Hell' breezes in and hurtles along like the Japanese bullet train. It's hard to believe that thirty minutes have passed and eleven songs have flown by! The twelfth and final song on offer is the fiercely rampant 'Faceblaster'. The pace of the album has been high from start to finish, full of high intensity songs, all delivered with an urgency and purpose. What an album, what a ride, what a rush . . .    
Overall, furiously fast paced thrash metal, played at high speed with high intensity and an in your face aggressive attitude.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV