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Return Of The Cosmic Men

Galderia are a power metal band from France formed in 2006 with their debut effort, the E.P. 'Rise Legions Of Free Men' released in 2010. The bands first album was released in 2012 with the follow up 'Return Of The Cosmic Men' released in 2017.    
Power metal with a hint of the operatic and a dash of the symphonic aptly sums up the signature sound of French heavy metal band Galderia. The galloping opening to 'Shining Unity' is a superb blend of old school power metal bands such as Helloween, Gamma Ray, Iron Savior and Powerwolf. Catchy and addictive 'Shining Unity' races on at a breath taking pace and is exactly what the doctor would prescribe for anyone suffering a loss of power metal in their life. With an increase in energy levels and catchiness, the album powers on with the outstanding 'Blue Aura'. This song has everything, making it an instant hit and a favourite off the album. The clean and clear vocal delivery, the buzzing and chugging guitars complimented with exquisite keyboards and a powerhouse rhythm...simply awesome. Atmospheric and intense, 'Living Forevermore' is top notch melodic power metal. Foot stomping and head nodding is the order of the day here, as 'Living Forevermore' strides majestically on. After only just three songs in, any fan of power metal will be smiling wide at the aural pleasure being delivered.    
'High Up In The Air' returns the album to the blistering pace of earlier, with guitars that chop, drums that thunder and a rhythm so addictive, you'll never be wanting the song to end. And with ten songs spread over forty five minutes, 'Return Of The Cosmic Men' (the album) is cracking value. The up tempo 'Celestial Harmony' rocks and rolls its way through melodic-ness and a catchy sing a long feel that is also smile inducing and will bring feelings of warmth to every fans heart. Half way through the album and all pace dissipates to be replaced with a sparkling keyboard intro and a chance to raise your lighters in the air and sway from side to side as 'Wake Up The World' flows forward. A superb soulful vocal display accompanies the swaying rhythm as 'Wake Up The World' defines what a ballad should sound like.    
Thunderous and epic, full of pace and mild aggression, 'Legions Of Light' storms on with a savagery not heard before. Guitars buzz frantically, with a more raucous rhythm giving 'Legions Of Light' a much heavier vibe. Can this album get any better? In the shape of 'Return Of The Cosmic Men', the title song offers up a superb stroll through power metal of the most epic nature, conjuring up images of the fantastical. Atmosphere abounds as 'Return Of The Cosmic Men' (the song) gallops along, similar in style to anything that German power metallers Powerwolf have released. 'Pilgrim Of Love' begs for lighters to be lit and arms held aloft, as it twangs its way into life, choir-like in feel, similar to a church sing a long. The album is brought to a close with a re-worked version of the ballad 'Wake Up The World', re-titled 'Wake Up The World 2.0', featuring an electric pop influence as well as buzzing guitars and thundering drums ... in fact, you could just say that this is its heavy rock version.    
Overall, catchy and addictive power metal played at pace, this album delivers a happy mood inducing experience, with every song sing a long-able and memorable.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV