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Death Awaits E.P.

Gabriel are a progressive metal band from the UK formed in 2015 releasing their debut E.P. in 2016.    
The first thing you hear when you play the E.P. is the chilling admission " I'm gonna tell you something that I've never told anyone before, I'm a serial killer " from the US crime/drama TV series Dexter. Immediately setting an atmosphere of fear and fright, 'Death Awaits' (the E.P.) gets underway with 'Death Awaits' (the song) a heavy, chugging, sinister like guitar riff floats in followed by atmospheric vocals that whisper like a story told around a camp fire late at night. Building into a crescendo, 'Death Awaits' turns into a cracking slab of melodic hard rock, packing a punch with some brutal riffing. Add a superb vocal range from the singer and some intricate melodies, 'Death Awaits' is new, fresh and unlike anything else you may have ever heard.    
The meandering melodies continue with 'I remember' weaving an intricate path with piano complimenting a rumbling guitar riff ably supported by a solid back line. Epic and majestic, almost theatrical-like Gabriel know how to stun and amaze the listener. With an upturn in the tempo and the addition of a hard rocking edge, 'One Must Be told' is more akin to the progressive metal the band themselves describe them as. Infectious and catchy, 'One Must Be Told' is a foot stomper and a head nodder with a cracking sing a long style chorus. Add to the mix a sparkling guitar solo and you can hear why Gabriel are setting the scene alight with their new style brand of metal/rock.    
'Paragon Of Virtue' opens with an in your face, angry-ish guitar riff, becoming a thunderous slow chug as the song opens up with an almost snarling vocal delivery. When the chorus rolls in, the melodic rock side of the band stands tall and you find yourself nodding your head in appreciation. Very atmospheric and theatrical, Gabriel are delivering an epic journey of intricacy. Combining heavy guitars with slow, ballad like melodies, the E.P. is brought to a close by 'Watch Me Bleed' with a wide ranging vocal performance and some truly hard edged metal riffing. 'Watch Me Bleed' wanders effortlessly from genre to genre and will appeal to fans of rock, metal and prog.    
Overall, atmospheric, hard hitting and punchy, Gabriel deliver superb atmospherics, intricate melodies and a cracking array of hard rocking, metal riffs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Gabriel    
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