Master Of Light

Freedom Call are a power metal band from Germany formed in 1998 releasing their debut album the following year. Seven more studio albums have been released over the subsequent fifteen years and now, in 2016 Freedom Call will release album number nine, 'Master Of Light'.    
Over the years Freedom Call have built a musical reputation that borders on the happy side of heavy metal. Where many bands focus on wars, fighting, the devil and hell, Freedom Call have a much more light hearted attitude and produce highly polished songs that have a very professional edge. Their new album opens with the majestic anthem 'Metal Is For Everyone'. Crowd participation is at maximum with the emphatic chanting "metal is for everyone" across the chorus. Power and speed combined, 'Metal Is For Everyone' embodies everything that European power metal stands for. Moving swiftly into 'Hammer Of The Gods', Freedom Call are masters of the foot stomping and head noddingly addictive style of heavy metal. Clean and clear vocals, blistering guitars, galloping rhythms, catchy, sing a long choruses and you know you are listening to a Freedom Call album. 'A World Beyond' is a majestic and epic foot stomp that rockets past, while the title song 'Master Of Light' takes story telling mastery to a whole new level. Gather round everyone, Freedom Call are gonna tell ya a tale...    
Sometimes reaching the heights of operatic delivery, Freedom Call are a breath of fresh air. 'Kings Rise And Fall' is a speed metal symphony, played at speed with such precision, it is faultless. Masters of catchy and addictive songs, you will be smiling so much, your smile will literally go from ear to ear. Bringing the pace of the album crashing to a crawl, 'Cradle Of Angels' is a ballad, sung with so much passion it is definitely lighters in the air time. 'Emerald Skies' is a sharp edged, hard hitting slab of melodic hard rock while 'Hail The Legend' turns up the heat and punches hard as it chugs relentlessly, full of energy and high intensity. Introducing elements of pop (yep, I said pop) 'Ghost Ballet' has one of the qwerkiest intros you will ever hear. 'Ghost Ballet' never really gets going and if I was being really honest, it doesn't quite fit with the vibe of the album.    
Thankfully the vibe does return in glorious fashion with 'Rock The Nation' strutting its light rock feel. Anthemic in its delivery 'Rock The Nation' is a one hundred percent sing a long song to capture the audience into participating. Increasing the pace and the power 'Riders In The Sky' is pure Freedom Call at its best. Pounding rhythms and buzzing guitars push the song along at pace and a sparkling catchy chorus wil have you singing along too. Bringing the album to a close is the up beat, up tempo 'High Up'. Very much a happy feel to it, 'High Up' is typical Freedom Call happiness and as the song draws to a close you will have an insanely huge smile spread across your face, such is the affect that this type of happy metal has.    
Overall, faultless and precision delivered power metal played at an exceptional pace, heads will banging furiously and feet will be stomping hard.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV