No Halos In Hell

Cyhra are a melodic metal band from Sweden formed in 2016 by Jake E (ex Amaranthe) and Jesper Stromblad (ex In Flames), releasing their debut album 'Letters To Myself' the following year. The bands sophomore album 'No Halos In Hell' was released in 2019...    
...and builds upon the melodic march that began with their debut (two years earlier). Seen as a supergroup, Cyhra also features former members of Shining, Kamelot, and Volbeat. The wealth of experience within the band, shines through brightly on all twelve songs that make up the new album - an album that explodes into life with the heavy hitting, and instantly likeable, 'Out Of My Life'. An insanely infectious rhythm hooks you big time, and you find yourself involuntarily head nodding and foot tapping. What an opening - just one song in and it's so addictive... The albums title song 'No Halos In Hell' is a heavy hitting melodic monster. A monster to fall in love with, not hate! The chorus is a catchy affair, and the love I have for this album is getting more intense as each song passes by - 'Battle From Within' pulling even harder on the heart strings with every stroke of its melodious intent, an intent seamlessly woven into every nook and cranny of this album... There's just no getting away from it!    
As 'No Halos In Hell' (the album) powers on with 'I Am The One', I defy any one who loves hard rock, heavy rock, melodic metal, and AOR to not find something here to tickle your pleasure zones. 'I Am The One' picks up the tempo and is fairly bombastic as the energy level rises higher than ever before. And that chorus chant - a crowd participation moment in the making for sure. 'Bye Bye Forever' is the heaviest hitting song so far, a real hustling and bustling effort that just oozes energy, oomph and pizzazz. The bombastic bombardment from Cyhra is relentlessly breathless, every song created for a stadium performance, for this is stadium rock, err, metal... And now for the quickest and most traditional metal orientated song on the album, 'Dreams Gone Wrong' is a pulse racing gallop ala the eighties metal evolution. Plant your feet firmly on the monitor and move those heads back and forth, and salute a corker of a metal anthem.    
As keyboards gently glide us in to land, 'Lost In Time' is sat firmly and squarely in ballad territory. An emotionally charged epic vocal performance by Jake E, beautifully compliments the keyboard swagger, with everyone swaying from side to side and holding their lighters high in the air. With the stop over in ballad territory at an end, we find ourselves galloping at full tilt courtesy of the hard rocking 'Kings Tonight'. Taking over as the quickest song the album has to offer, 'Kings Tonight' is a melodic barrage of feel good! Feel good that has been present in bucket loads since the album began. One of the albums heaviest hitters 'I Had Your Back', storms in and foot stomps on with heavy intent - yet none of the albums overall infectious and addictive nature is lost! And that mid song guitar solo is highly reminiscent of the guitar solo from of the most famous songs by the "most dangerous band in the world" from 1987...    
'Blood Brothers' - and no it's not an Iron Maiden cover - is a hard hitting, fist pumping mid tempo metal stomp. The upturn in heaviness is matched by the continuing melodic streak that has been ever present throughout 'No Halos In Hell' (the album). This has been a mesmerising journey of infectious and addictive songs, a journey that is not yet over - with 'Hit Me' breaking the speed limit as it roars into life, adopting a more mid tempo pace as it finds its stride. The chorus is an energetic sing a long, full of pace, and surely another entertaining crowd participation moment. The album is brought to a close with the fast paced and hugely energetic 'Man Of Eternal Rain'. Full of oomph and bombast, 'Man Of Eternal Rain' is a cracking end to what is simply a stunning album.    
Overall, a memorable melodic masterpiece stacked full of energetic, infectious, and pulse racing songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins