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In The End

Byfist are a heavy metal band from the USA forming in the late eighties, releasing one single - 'Hour Glass Of Time' (1987), a couple of E.P.'s - 'You Should Have Known' (1988) and 'Adrenalin' (1999) - the compilation album 'Preserving The Past: The Collection' (2008), and in 2020, their first full length studio album, 'In The End'.    
Combining elements of the classic sound of eighties heavy metal with the fast paced power metal style, Byfist rain a ferocious tirade of thunder down on the worldwide metal scene with their crushing debut album 'In The End'. It seems like all the frustration and pent up anger from the thirty years since the band split up (following the release of their debut E.P.) has, in the end, been unleashed over a furious forty five minutes. The band blaze in to life with the scorching 'Universal Metal' - full of pace and power, romping along with feet placed affectionately on the monitor. Very eighties sounding, 'Universal Metal' is gonna appeal to fans of the traditional style of heavy metal, more specifically 'Ram It Down' era Judas Priest. The albums title song 'In The End', injects a more (earlier) traditional feel, way back to when bands such as Iron Maiden and Angel Witch launched their debuts. The guitar buzz is definitely NWOBHM styled, with Byfist demonstrating their prowess at delivering belligerently blistering heavy metal of the traditional variety. What a scorching opening double...    
...a double that becomes a triple, with the hard rocking, heavy hitting 'Unconscious Suicide'. A sprinkling of the flavour of hard rock, the flavour you'd associate with Motley Crue, changes the aura of the album, and to be honest, 'Unconscious Suicide' could well be the sequel to 'Kickstart My Heart' (the classic Motley Crue number from the bands 1989 album 'Dr. Feelgood'). Changing the mood of the album, 'Guaranteed Death' is a menacing, and fairly frightening thunderous romp. Slowing the pace to a mid tempo sizzle, Byfist snarl their way through a venomously delivered march. Clocking in at over eight and a half minutes in length, 'With This Needle I Thee Wed' is a little different to what has gone before, displaying a slight touch of grunge and a rich flavour of Motley Crue, as it foot stomps on its way. Keeping the atmosphere and tension high, 'With This Needle I Thee Wed' carves out a chilling listening experience.    
And now a seven minute long epic - 'Ship Of Illusion'. Soulful as it creeps in, 'Ship Of Illusion' takes on the mantle of a heavy hitting anthem. Marching majestically forth, the pulsating rhythm will pound and pound at your senses, making lesser (and non metal) mortals reach for the painkillers. But for the resolute among us, oh yeah! The up tempo high energy heavy metal returns to the fore with 'Epitaph' slamming into sight. The guitar sound is heavily NWOBHM, the foot firmly planted on the monitor, and Byfist are hitting harder than all album. Dropping the pace and power for the final song, Byfist adopt the heavy foot stomping power metal style, as they deliver a cover of 'Scattered Wits' by American power metallers Reverend, taken from the bands 1990 debut album 'World Won't Miss You'. Byfist do a cracking job of this cover, keeping to the pace of the original, as well as the "on the edge of a knife" tension and menace.    
Overall, a heavy slab of metal and hard rock, high on energy and oozing gusto and oomph from start to finish.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records    
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