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Dance With The Devil

Burning Witches are an all female heavy metal band from Switzerland formed in 2015, who released their debut album 'Burning Witches' in 2017. The four song live E.P. 'Burning Alive' was released at the beginning of 2018, with the bands second album 'Hexenhammer' released at the end of 2018. At the beginning of 2019 the band re-released their debut album including, as a bonus, their live E.P. and titled this release simply 'Burning Witches + Burning Alive'. Replacing their singer with former Shadowrise vocalist Laura Guldemond, Burning Witches released the E.P. 'Wings Of Steel' in 2019, and have quickly followed that release with their third full length studio album 'Dance With The Devil' in 2020.    
Not resting on their laurels, Burning Witches continue their meteoric rise in the worldwide heavy metal scene with their sixth release in as many years - and the band only formed six years ago... The all girl band from the land of clocks and cheese, portray all the cliches that the heavy metal genre has to offer, from the leather and studs imagery to the fast and furious "foot on the monitor" gallop of traditional heavy metal. The bands new album contains twelve songs across fifty minutes, with the final song a cover, featuring two special guest musicians - more about that later, 'cause right now, the album creeps into life with the eerie and atmospheric instrumental 'Incantation', exploding into life with the savage pummelling of 'Lucid Nightmare'. New singer Laura has an incredibly powerful voice, screeching and screaming like a banshee, but with the ability to introduce melody in the blink of an eye. Burning Witches are sounding hungry, manifesting to rabid, as the album powers on with the title song 'Dance With The Devil'. Featuring a power metal influence, 'Dance With The Devil' is a pulsating avalanche of infectious heavy metal, replete with a catchy chant style chorus. What a glorious opening double salvo - Burning Witches are foraging a savage barrage of fast and furious heavy metal.    
Taken from their E.P. of the same name, 'Wings Of Steel' is an aggressive, fast and furious barrage of "foot on the monitor" style heavy metal. The classic twin guitar attack and galloping rhythms - this is how the classic sound of traditional heavy metal, should sound! And good God, it just gets better and better... 'Six Feet Underground' is a meaner and moodier gallop of aggressive metal with a sing a long able and catchy chorus to die for. As with their first two albums, Burning Witches also include a ballad on this album - and regular readers will know my opinion by now that ballads are reserved for hard rock albums and not heavy metal albums. Now before you all pick up bricks to stone me - yes, I know there are a few notable exceptions, but for the most part I stick one hundred percent by what I say. The ballad here is 'Black Magic', and like 'Don't Cry My Tears' (from 'Hexenhammer'), sticks out like a clown at a funeral. I'm sorry girls, you're a very good heavy metal band playing fast and furious, "foot on the monitor" heavy metal - leave the ballads to the rock bands. 'Sea Of Lies' steers the album back to the metal genre with a glorious foot stomping intro, before exploding into life and forging a furious path through the land. And what an aggressive growl from Laura (insert scared emoji here). This is Burning Witches at their best. The glorious guitar buzz sound of the iconic NWOBHM evolution announces the arrival of the superb 'The Sisters Of Fate'. Taking me back to a time when Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon where revolutionising the world of heavy metal with their assault of genre defining albums - 'The Sisters Of Fate' is absolute bliss from the Swiss metal quintet...    
...and oh my fucking God - 'Necronomicon' makes me wanna kiss the Swiss metal quintet. The heaviest song on offer, 'Necronomicon' marches majestically on like classic Black Sabbath mid tempo thunder. A throaty, sexy rasp of a vocal delivery by Laura is glorious, making me go a little weak at the knees... One of the best aural delights I have heard for some time, I could listen to 'Necronomicon' all day long... And the delights just keep coming - 'The Final Fight' is an energetic and lively heavy metal gallop. One of the most melodic offerings on the album, 'The Final Fight' will appeal to both metal and rock fans. And the melodic heaviness continues to run with the foot stomper 'Threefold Return'. A melodic march of the tallest order, 'Threefold Return' brings a sparking end to a sparkling album. Well - almost the end, there's the small matter of a cover song, featuring Manowar founder, guitarist Ross The Boss, and Symphony X bass player Michael LePond. And what a song to cover - 'Battle Hymn', from the 1982 debut album 'Battle Hymns' by Manowar. Seven minutes of the best in anthemic heavy metal, Burning Witches keep to the pace of the original, replicating the same epic feel as well.    
Overall, a glorious romp of heavy metal - fast, furious, aggressive yet highly melodic, 'Dance With The Devil' is bliss from the Swiss five piece.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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