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Beneath The Ruins E.P.

Burning Shadows are a power metal band from the USA formed in 2000. Releasing E.P.'s in 2002 and 2005, the bands first full length album 'Into The Primordial' was released in 2008. Their second album 'Gather, Darkness' was released in 2012 with the bands third album, 'Truth In Legend' released in 2017.    
Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their formation, Burning Shadows released the mammoth seven song E.P. 'Beneath The Ruins', in the spring of 2020. Featuring five brand new songs and two live recordings, the E.P. shows off both the studio and the live sides to Burning Shadows. It's been three years since the heavy/power metal romp of the bands third album 'Truth In Legend' - the band now performing at a much heavier, and more aggressive level - one might actually go as far to use the term "beefy". The bands singer Tom Davy, fairly bellows the vocals, producing a throaty rasp that is kinda unique, making the Burning Shadows sound a very menacing one. 'Blacken The Sky' gets the E.P. underway, and immediately proceeds to chug, and also batter the senses with its pulsating heaviness. Burning Shadows are back, and belting harder than ever before.    
'The Grey Company (Paths Of The Dead)' is more in your face then the E.P.'s opener, adopting a macho persona as it steams on. It would seem that Burning Shadows have shelved their power metal leanings for a more heavy metal approach - with the opening double clear evidence of their new direction. The intensity gets even more intense, as 'Monuments Of Rust' rattles forward with more energy and pace than the opening two songs.    
A pace and energy that continues to drive the E.P. forward, with the blistering 'The Red Key' a high velocity storm of out and out heavy metal. And that's exactly what you get with 'The Shadow From The Steeple', albeit a tad more heavy than 'The Red Key'. The two live songs on offer are 'The Last One To Fall', recorded live at the 2018 Swordmetal Fest VII in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and 'Oathbreaker', recorded live in 2019 at the home of Burning Shadows - Baltimore, Maryland. Both these live recordings showcase the ferocity of Burning Shadows in a live environment - the energy levels through the roof.    
Overall, power metal and traditional heavy metal combine, to produce a storming barrage of riffs and rhythms that is both energetic and bombastic.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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