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Last Day Of Light

Burning Ground are a heavy metal band from Italy formed in 2002. Not much is known about the bands history, but presumably they have been busy rehearsing, gigging and writing, culminating with their debut album 'Last Day Of Light' released in 2017.    
With possibly fifteen years in the making, the debut album from Burning Ground is heavily influenced by the American power metal genre and is steeped in heavy riffs and catchy melodies, with a slight hint of thrash metal. 'Dark Ages' is a hauntingly atmospheric scene setting intro, followed by the heavy riff laden 'The Killing Hand'. A mid tempo stomp, 'The Killing Hand' is foot stompingly catchy with the twin guitar attack seemingly restrained from letting rip and roaring off at high speed. 'Darkened Desire' does heavy things up a bit, with a touch of the Megadeth brand of thrash metal. Big riffing, buzz sounding guitars and thunderous drums, 'Darkened Desire' is an addictive slab of heavy metal.    
Not counting the intro and outro, there are only six songs on offer across forty minutes, the album coming up short in both length and number of songs. Also, of those six, four of them are six minutes plus... The album rumbles on with 'Facing The Shame', all hustle and bustle as it savagely cuts and thrusts its way through the airways. The bands sound is heavily influenced by the power metal and thrash metal genres and you would have expected some pace and maybe some speed metal type songs, but sadly no, the album seems very much restrained to mid tempo. There are some superb buzzing riffs and screaming guitar solos as 'Facing The Shame' progresses, highlighting the NWOBHM style.    
Abrasive and chugging, 'Before I See' foot stomps heavily, as the albums mid tempo pace continues. More anthemic and epic than anything heard so far, 'Before I See' also has a much more throaty vocal delivery and crisp and clear guitar solos. 'The Burning Ground' injects a little more energy and tonnes more intensity as the signature sound of Burning Ground is developing and becoming clear. They are a band intent on delivering mid tempo, very heavy, big riffing songs that will invoke head banging of the more gentle nature, as opposed to the violent head banging that bands such as Slayer, Terrifier and Harlott demand. 'The Burning Ground' also offers the best guitar solos on the album. Bringing the album to a close is the title song 'Last Day Of Light' with a superb buzzing guitar sound and that all too familiar mid tempo stomp. 'Last Day Of Light' (the song) is followed by the guitar led outro 'Dawn Of Hope'.    
Overall, very heavy and mid tempo orientated power metal, with a hint of thrash, 'Last Day Of Light' will appeal to fans of the Megadeth brand of thrash metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV