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Dynamite E.P.

Bulletpro÷f are a heavy metal band from Argentina formed in 2017, releasing their debut E.P. 'Dynamite' in 2021...    
...featuring five songs of unabashed heavy metal. The four piece band from South America pound the monitors with their feet over the E.P.'s twenty minute run time, each and every song rich with traditional metal. Opener 'Banners High!' has an anthemic and highly rabble rousing feel to it, the thunderous rhythm reeking of old school NWOBHM - fucking great if you're a fan of bands such as Saxon and Raven.    
The E.P. motors on with the title song 'Dynamite' - portraying a much heavier feel. Also the melodious intent of 'Dynamite' (the song) is a lot more, with the chorus highly sing a long-able and memorable. Bulletpro÷f may be forty years and seven and a half thousand miles away from the iconic NWOBHM evolution, but boy do they fit that era perfectly. The anthemic rabble rousing feel is far from over, as 'Flag Of Freedom' takes a more mid tempo foot stomping approach to heavy metal, with the influence of the early eighties British style clearly evident.    
And if you're looking for a new anthem to raise your fists high and punch the air to, then look no further than 'Fist Pounding' - a rollicking call to arms for fans all around the world. This will surely gonna go down a storm in a live arena. The fifth and final song on the E.P. 'Feel The Heat' is the most melodic song on offer - attractive to fans of both metal and rock. 'Feel The Heat' has an air of the majestic about it too, as it strides on, very tall, and very very proud.    
Overall, a cracking five song blast of old school, traditional heavy metal, highly melodic and very anthemic.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV