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My Disease



Broken Lingerie are a hard rock band from Spain formed in 2012 who released their debut E.P. 'Lying Words' in 2014. The bands full length debut album is due for release later in 2019, with 'My Disease' released as a single.    
The all female hard rock outfit from Spain are all set to release their debut full length album at some point later this year, and as an appetiser the band have released the single 'My Disease'.    
Rocking hard, very hard, so hard in fact that maybe just maybe, Broken Lingerie are now a heavy metal band... Certainly the pulsating rhythm emanating from their new single is "foot on the monitor" style, old school and traditional sounding heavy metal.    
'My Disease' is an instant like, an infectious appetiser that will leave you wanting more, so much more... But you're gonna have to wait, for how long, I'm not sure, but later this year has been slated for when the bands full length debut offering will be released.    
Overall, a barn storming and infectious "foot on the monitor" romp that gallops on with energy and urgency.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Inferno Records    
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