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Breaking The Silent E.P.

Breaking The Silent are a thrash metal band from Canada formed in 2016, releasing as their debut, the three song E.P. 'Breaking The Silent'.    
Labelling their sound as thrash, Breaking The Silent are actually a little more diverse than to be pigeonholed as just a thrash metal band. They incorporate elements of the power metal genre, wrapping their sound up in a coating of traditional heavy metal, and rounding it all off with snarling, and mildly aggressive vocals, courtesy of the bands singer Mariame K.    
The three songs on offer, are all powerhouse examples of how the genres of power and thrash can come together to produce a roaring sound that is punchy, crunchy, fast and aggressive. 'Thou Shall Rise' opens the E.P. as though it's gonna be a symphonic metal song - and then after just twenty five seconds a snarling growl and shredding guitars tell a different story. Pace, tempo and urgency levels rise high as 'Thou Shall Rise' takes flight and thunders along with the brashness of thrash and the finesse of power metal. It's a glorious mix, one that works very well, and Breaking The Silent may just be breaking new ground with this sound.    
Second song, and first song I ever heard from Breaking The Silent, 'Cry Of Fear', has a cracking crescendo style build up, before launching into a ferocious tirade of snarling vocals and a power metal style rampage. Fast and furious, 'Cry Of Fear' is a rough and tough thrash come power come traditional heavy metal gallop. The final song 'Sacrifice Of Mind' is the most aggressive and attitude laden offering. The vocal range of singer Mariame is wide ranging, from the clean and clear power metal melody to the snarling, raspy and throaty vocal delivery of thrash. 'Sacrifice Of Mind' is fast paced and a head bangers dream.    
Overall, a thundering gallop of thrash/power metal with snarling vocals, Breaking The Silent deliver a three song sonic battering.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV