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Strike With Power

Born Again are a rock/metal band from France forming in 2016 and releasing their debut album in 2017.    
An old school heavy metal guitar riff sets the album off in traditional style as 'New Generation' gets underway. Buzzing like a buzzsaw, 'New Generation' chugs relentlessly as throaty, rasping vocals power through the airways. Throughout the album there are touches of many other genres, such as Stoner, Progressive, Southern Rock and even Punk. The title song 'Strike With Power' bounces along at a mid tempo pace and displays a mild bluesy feel as it wanders on. Add a catchy, sing a long chorus and 'Strike With Power' is an infectious song that place a smile on your face. Slowing the pace down and heavying things up a bit is 'Preachers Of The Night', with a Black Sabbath influence evident with heavy guitars, near doom laden riffs and screeching guitar solos.    
With two feet plonked squarely in the thrash metal genre, get your heads banging for the fast paced 'Betrayal'. As fast and furious as any of the thrash metal superstars, 'Betrayal' is raucous and rampant with a chant style chorus to be sung at the top of your voice. Foot stomping and head nodding is the order of the day as 'We Feed The Fire' plods into sight. Heavy guitars and a slow rhythm keep 'We Feed The Fire' trotting along, eventually making way for the blistering speed metal 'Angel In Black'. Racing at a relentless pace, 'Angel In Black' is heavy power metal as it should be. Guitars buzz, drums thunder and the throaty rasp from singer Thierry is rough and tough but clean and clear enough to understand. Pace is kept high with the rampant 'Deal With The Devil' forging a vicious path through the airways. The general feeling you get as the album progresses is one of attitude, aggression and angst.    
'Wings Of Hate' buzzes like its the NWOBHM era all over again. and has a very distinct and catchy groove going on too. Every song on the album has the sound of the eighties heavy metal evolution and none more so than 'No Class', a cover of the Motorhead song that first appeared on the bands 1979 album 'Overkill' and also on the 1984 album 'No Remorse'. The throaty rasp of Thierry is quite close to the sound of legendary Motorhead singer Lemmy (RIP) and this cover is a cracking effort. The album ends in a furious flurry of riffs and rhythms with 'Dawn Of The Gods' stamping and stomping at a mid tempo pace. 'Strike With Power' (the album) has been a varied and interesting journey through a number of different metal and rock genres and will appeal to wide range of fans.    
Overall, a bold and bustling journey through various genres of metal and rock, Born Again have delivered an impressive debut.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV