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Forgotten Lands

Booze Control are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 2009, releasing their debut album 'Don't Touch While Running', in 2011. 'Heavy Metal' followed in 2013, with the bands third album 'The Lizard Rider', emerging in 2016. Celebrating ten years since their formation, 'Booze Control' released their fourth album 'Forgotten Lands' in 2019.    
Although very much a German metal band, Booze Control lean heavily towards the NWOBHM style rather than the traditional power metal you would expect from Germany. And it shows the moment the album gets underway, the opening riffage to opener 'Forgotten Lands' sounding like it just travelled here from the mid eighties NWOBHM heyday. A galloping foray into the traditional style of heavy metal, Booze Control have launched their fourth album in blistering style. The pace continues with 'Attack Of The Axemen', racing at full tilt, scorching the Earth as it accelerates past. After just two songs, I think the albums tone has already been set as traditional, "foot on the monitor", catchy and sing a long able. 'The Nameless' picks up the tempo and hurtles along like a jet fighter off to war. And believe me when I say it's very hard to believe that this is a German band, and not a UK one, as the British influence on the bands sound is so strong.    
Throughout the album there are nods and winks toward the greats of the NWOBHM era, greats such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Angel Witch and Raven. 'Forgotten Lands' (the album) does have that retro feel about it, almost like it is a mid eighties release... 'Of The Deep' is a darker, heavier and slightly slower paced offering than what has gone before. Still head bang able, 'Of The Deep' struts its stuff with head held high. Keeping tempo and energy levels high, 'Spellbound' strides on, and on, and I begin to think that I've heard this style before... And thinking harder, yep, I have, earlier, just ten minutes or so ago! Maybe it's just me, but are Booze Control peddling the same style riffs and melodies as the album progresses? I don't normally get this feeling when listening to albums, but with this one I am. That said though, a sudden injection of pace and the album heads off into the speed metal genre with the exciting 'Slaying Mantis'. Standing head and shoulders above anything heard so far with regards to pace, 'Slaying Mantis' is a head bang able offering to keep those neck muscles flexible.    
The album ploughs on with 'Playing With Fire', and the catchy sing a long chorus lyric "we are playing with fire again" and I can't help but think "we are playing the same style song again". And to be honest, my attention levels are wavering, with interest in this album declining as each song passes by. There are actually three songs left and I am struggling to find the motivation to carry on listening. But, being the writer, the reviewer, the professional I am, let's head forth into the albums last quarter. 'Thanatos' serves up a highly energetic and heavy rock styled romp, both melodic and catchy. Ten songs on offer when it really sounds like only three or four, such is the similarities across them all. 'Doom Of Sargoth' offers nothing different to the rest of the album, an even the heavily Iron Maiden influenced final song 'Cydonian Sands' doesn't grasp my interest and I find myself happy that the album has come to an end.    
Overall, an album heavily influenced by the NWOBHM sound, Booze Control deliver a tepid glass of tap water rather than a quality pint of Aldersbacher.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV