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Bodyguerra are a hard rock band from Germany formed in 2010, by guitarist Guido Stoecker. Guido has been involved in all kinds of musical projects throughout the years, from guitar teacher to bandleader and musical director, with Bodyguerra releasing their debut album 'Freddy...nothing as it seems' in 2013. In 2018 Bodyguerra supported Graham Bonnet on his tour of Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. At the end of 2019, vocalist Ela Sturm and Guido started writing songs...    
...songs that would eventually become the bands new album 'Fire & Soul', due for release later this year. Preceding the album release, Bodyguerra have released a new single 'Believe' - inspired by the current events around the globe and the associated uncertainties for many people. Ela created the melody, with Guido composing and arranging the music.    
Bodyguerra have the reputation of delivering punchy, guitar driven rock, with new single 'Believe' spanning numerous musical styles - including rock and the blues, Featuring a memorable guitar riff and a catchy melody, 'Believe' will have you foot tapping and head nodding from start to finish.    
This single release, comes with an additional composition - an instrumental version of 'Believe', clocking in at over a minute longer than the edited "vocals included" version.    
Overall, a hard rocking slab of bluesy rock, highly infectious and sing a long able, 'Believe' is an enticing appetiser for the bands upcoming album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Fastball Music    
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