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The Fear E.P.

Blood Star are a heavy metal band from the USA formed by Visigoth guitarist Jamison Palmer, and featuring the vocal talents of Madeline Smith. The bands debut release is the two song E.P. 'The Fear', released in 2020.    
Displaying the classic sound of traditional heavy metal as if it was still the eighties, Blood Star deliver two incredibly scorching songs. The eighties, is arguably the best, if not the greatest decade for metal, a time when metal evolved and grew to the worldwide phenomenon it is today...    
...influencing bands all over the world. It is no wonder then, that so many bands thank the eighties by adopting the classic sound, and go on to deliver some truly great heavy metal music. Blood Star are no exception - their debut E.P. a blistering gallop of "foot on the monitor" heavy metal. First song 'The Fear', is a breathless gallop of traditional heavy metal. The out and out pace is both exhilarating and exciting, and will whet more than just the appetites of fans all around the world.    
'The Fear' is a blistering example of how fucking great heavy metal is - with second song 'Tortured Earth' showcasing heavy metals more mid paced thunder. Blood Star move into territory owned by Judas Priest, powering on with a very heavy feel, oozing a pulsating rhythm, vibrating every pleasure zone in the body. It's a shame there's only two songs on offer - I want more, much more. I am euphoric with the two songs on offer and have lost count of how many times they have been replayed. Blood Star is a band I will be keeping a close eye on, err, ear out for...and you should too.    
Overall, a blistering double that makes an immediate and exciting impact, Blood Star have impressed massively with their debut offering.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV