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World In Chains

Blizzen are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 2014, releasing their self titled demo later the same year. The five song E.P. 'Time Machine' was released in 2015, with the bands full length debut album 'Genesis Reversed', a 2016 release. The bands sophomore album 'World In Chains' was released in 2020.    
Playing a brand of heavy metal similar to the iconic sound of eighties metal, Blizzen unleash a ferocious twin guitar attack, galloping rhythms and catchy, sing a long able choruses. Their ever growing legion of fans are gonna love the bands new album - with plenty of opportunities for head banging and punching the air in delight...for 'World In Chains' is a thirty five minute thrill ride of infectious and intense heavy metal. The ride gets underway with the sub one minute eerie intro 'Intro' - building to a crescendo, and launching forth 'Gates Of Hell' at high pace. The classic sound of traditional heavy metal fills the air, with visions of denim and leather clad metal heads all head banging in unison. 'Gates Of Hell' is pure, unadulterated old school heavy metal, and that's the sound Blizzen aimed for - and got a bullseye!    
Picking up the pace and speeding on like the Japanese bullet train, 'Forged With Evil' is a glorious gallop of "foot on the monitor" heavy metal to really get you going wild. The glorious twin guitar attack is in full flight, bringing forth warm memories of the early eighties when heavy metal was still in its infancy and bands such as 'Maiden and 'Priest were shaping the sound of (what has become known as) traditional heavy metal. 'Gravity Remains' highlights the buzzing guitar sound synonymous with the NWOBHM evolution, and thunders on like British stalwarts Saxon. Blizzen have well and truly abandoned their country's preference for power metal, and whole heartedly gone all out for heavy metal. Their sound is attractive and infectious - and when only "old school will do", you won't go too far wrong by popping this album in the player... Title song 'World In Chains' is a mighty foot stomp...for the first minute at least, before it changes pace and races off at high velocity. The chorus is a highly sing a long able affair and musically bears a striking resemblance to the mid section of 'Maidens 'Prowler'...!    
The pace is kept very high with 'Serial Killer', opening with the chilling quote "believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left" by American criminal and cult leader Charles Manson (although I'm not sure if it's actually Manson talking). 'Serial Killer' is fast paced "foot on the monitor" metal of the galloping variety, head bangingly addictive with a sing a long able chorus. A feeling of old school 'Maiden rises to the surface as 'Paradise Awaits' powers into view and races off in to the distance in a cloud of dust. 'Paradise Awaits' is a massive nod to the eighties, all swagger and bravado as it marches on by. The iconic buzz sounding guitars of the NWOBHM makes an emphatic return to the album in the thumping tirade that goes by the title 'Lust'. Very much a heavy foot stomp and not a gallop like the rest of the album, 'Lust' is a mid paced, mid tempo, melodic monster. The final song 'Forsaken Soul' comes hurtling at you at over a hundred miles an hour, and is a ferocious foray of venomous savagery. The fastest song on the album by the widest country mile, 'Forsaken Soul' is a fast and furious finish to a very good album of old school style heavy metal.    
Overall, a traditional heavy metal romp, clearly inspired by the eighties style of metal by such legendary bands as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins