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The Master Plan

Blind Saviour are a female fronted power metal band from Malta forming in 2013, releasing their debut album 'The Master Plan' in 2016. 'The Master Plan' is a concept album, set in a post apocalyptic future, featuring good versus evil plots and battles between humans and their robot oppressors. Clocking in at over one hour in length, 'The Master Plan' features eleven songs of hard hitting power metal played at a very quick pace.    
With a twin guitar attack, keyboards and galloping rhythms, 'The Master Plan' is a sparkling romp of European sounding power metal blended with speed. The tension building 'Beyond The Portals' sets the atmosphere for the opening salvo, the lightning quick 'Reign Of The Robot Clans'. Racing at high velocity, heads will be banging hard as the pace threatens the sound barrier such is its ferocious pace. Guitars and keyboards working together to produce an intense and infectious sound. With a heavier feel, 'Brink Of Destruction' thunders in on the crest of a cracking riff and chugs along relentlessly, guitars duelling hard. The vocals are strong and unique and so suited to this type of metal. Suddenly all pace disappears and is replaced by a mellow rhythm as 'The Episode' wanders in and at over seven minutes in length becomes an epic, similar in style of legendary British icons Iron Maiden. Guitars flourish and keyboards reign as the galloping rhythm pushes 'The Episode' along at break neck speed.    
Descending into power ballad territory, 'The Day After' meanders in, and involuntarily, you find yourself swaying from side to side. The guitars do threaten to break out and run riot, which they do midway through and suddenly swaying is replaced by frenetic jumping up and down with fists punching the air. A second seven minute plus epic 'Dawn Of Victory' crashes the party and is a rampant gallop of furious rhythms. Blind Saviour are turning in a performance that compares to the likes of Gamma Ray, Iron Saviour and Dragon Force. 'The Master Plan' is jam packed with songs that are addictive, infectious and catchy. With a much heavier guitar groove, 'Quest For Blue Light' is a thunderous storm of rampantness. The relentless speed of the album is breath taking and every song is worthy of a head bang, a fist in the air and a smile a mile wide.    
With a mighty guitar riff as an intro, ' Warrior Of Fire' is everything the European power metal genre is famed for. Speed and power combined 'Warrior Of Fire' gallops hard and just begs for the listener to head bang...hard. Upping the tempo and thundering hard, 'Blind Saviour' is a raucous romp of duelling guitars and meandering melodies. 'Blind Saviour' is the first song off the album to exhibit the instantly recognisable guitar buzz of the evolutionary NWOBHM movement. Easily the quickest song on offer here is the frenetic 'Freedom Call', that at over six minutes in length is a superbly executed epic. Heading for the one hour mark, 'The Master Plan' is a breath taking and relentless barrage of power metal that is both catchy and infectious. With the final song now upon the listener, Blind Saviour turn in one last epic and majestic performance of the tallest order with the twelve minute 'Revolution'. Worthy of a mention in the same breath as UK stalwarts Iron Maiden, 'Revolution' is a gargantuan monster of a song that brings the album to a close in the same style as it began...a blistering pace with superb guitar and keyboard melodies. The catchiness of 'Revolution' is infectious and the galloping rhythm will keep you head banging from start to finish. 'The Master Plan' is a stunning debut album and I for one cannot wait for the follow up.    
Overall, with galloping rhythms and duelling guitars all accompanied by superb keyboards, 'The Master Plan' is a sparkling blend of power and speed.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV