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Straight As The Crowbar Flies



Blind Illusion are a progressive thrash metal band from the USA formed by guitarist Mark Biedermann. The band released a number of demo's through the early eighties, and two full length studio albums - 'The Sane Asylum' in 1988, and 'Demon Master' in 2010.    
Forty years have passed since the bands formation, with Biedermann the only remaining original member. During this time the band have toured with bands such as Exodus, Testament, Death Angel, and Metallica, and have performed at the Keep It True festival in Germany, and the Amstelveen Heavy Metal Maniacs festival in the Netherlands.    
The band are currently working on their third album 'Wrath Of The Gods', due for release, probably sometime maybe in 2021. With the world in the grip of a deadly pandemic affecting every walk of life, it is very difficult to confirm anything right now. However, the band did release a new single earlier this year - 'Straight As The Crowbar Flies'...    
...a thundering, ground shaking, walls crumbling, tour de force! The opening riffage alone is so savage that anyone stood in its way is gonna get lacerated to the bone. 'Straight As The Crowbar Flies' is a crushing cacophony of old school sounding thrash that is gonna make your mouth water, and ache at the wait for the bands new album,    
Overall, a storming return from an eighties San Francisco thrash metal band, 'Straight As The Crowbar Flies' is gonna please old and excite new fans.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Blind Illusion