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Lies Beyond Tomorrow E.P.

Blind Desire are a melodic power metal band from Spain, releasing their debut E.P. 'Lies Beyond Tomorrow' in 2020.    
With a sound that borders on the symphonic metal genre, the Spanish power metallers Blind Desire launch their debut release in a regal come cinematic style. 'Lies Beyond Tomorrow' is epic and majestic edged, with big bold riffs creating an edge of your seat atmosphere. Instrumental 'Last Chance' is a one and half minute slow burn start to the E.P. building the atmosphere right up to a crescendo - the E.P. launching proper with the regal 'Inner Flame'. Pace, power and majestic vocals create the cinematic feel I mentioned earlier, 'Inner Flame' a symphonic edged power metal gallop.    
'Darkened' picks up the baton and fairly romps along, introducing a more melodic feel. An opportunity for head banging, 'Darkened' will get all the head bangers of the world nodding their heads and raising their fists in the air - these Spaniards are on to a winner with 'Darkened', and will win many new fans with this melodic power metal gem.    
Slowing the pace to a power ballad stroll, 'Night & Day' is full of emotion as it swaggers on, prompting lighters to be lit and held aloft. Retaining the highly cinematic feel the entire E.P. oozes, 'Night & Day' is a definite sway from side to side moment. Returning to power metal's classic sound, Blind Desire pull out the stops with the glorious gallop 'Stardust'. A second opportunity for head banging, 'Stardust' is full of pace and purpose as it races on to a conclusion. The E.P. is brought to a close by the keyboards led instrumental 'Prelude To Hope' - creating an electrically charged and sizzling atmosphere.    
Overall, an impressive debut, creating an epic and cinematic feel that borders on the symphonic metal genre.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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