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Line Of Danger

Blazing Rust are a heavy metal band from Russia forming in 2014, releasing their self titled demo in 2015, with their debut album 'Armed To Exist' emerging in 2017. The bands sophomore album 'Line Of Danger', was released in 2020.    
Traditional heavy metal is in safe hands with the Russian metal machine Blazing Rust. After a blistering debut, the five piece outfit return with their scorching second album, packed full of galloping anthems, and a sound that is clearly influenced by traditional metallists Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon. 'Line Of Danger' opens in cracking style, with the fast paced and immediate 'Let It Slide'. Oozing oomph and energy, 'Let It Slide' is "foot on the monitor" style heavy metal to get heads moving and fists raised high in the air. The iconic guitar buzz so synonymous with the NWOBHM evolution, makes its presence felt with the mid paced and highly bombastic title song 'Line Of Danger'. In just the opening two songs, the Russian five piece have delivered both styles of traditional heavy metal - and there's still six songs to go!    
The album powers on with the hard hitting 'Amidst The Furious Waves', echoing the glorious eighties of heavy metal creation. The eighties metal scene was one of intense excitement, and I am happy to say I was a part of it - as a teenager during those eclectic years I was discovering new bands every week with a sound that blew my mind. And that sound is emanating from my speakers right now courtesy of Blazing Rust. With a sudden turn of speed, 'Race With Reality' races off at high velocity. The head bang ability of 'Race With Reality' is off the scale as you enter a major neck breaking zone. The blistering speed is exhilarating, and 'Race With Reality' is a major highlight off the album. In fact, there are so many highlights I might as well say the eight songs on offer are the eight highlights. With a Powerslave-era Iron Maiden sound, Blazing Rust plough on with 'The Son Of Lucifer' - a majestic and powerful mid tempo march.    
With a rock 'n' roll flavour, 'Murder' bounces into sight and prances forth with a massive hard rock influence. The least metal song on offer, 'Murder' is catchy and sing a long able, a lighter style of heavy metal to attract fans of the heavy rock and hard rock genres - which undoubtedly it will! 'Only To Burn' returns the all out heavy metal feel to the album, blasting forth with enough energy to demolish a ten storey apartment block. In fact, the energy levels across the entire album have remained high, no dips, no breaks, just a constant high. The album is brought to a close with the extremely heavy hitting 'Crawling Blind'. A bombastic and pummelling song, 'Crawling Blind' is a great end to a great album.    
Overall, an exciting gallop of eighties inspired traditional heavy metal, Blazing Rust are definitely a band to keep your eye on, and ear out for the future.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records