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Chasing Shadows

Black Tide are a rock/metal band from the USA formed in 2004 releasing albums in 2008 and 2011 with their third album 'Chasing Shadows' released in 2015.    
There is a short atmospheric 'Intro' to introduce 'No Guidelines', the album opener. Hitting the ground running 'No Guidelines' is a high energy, high intensity slab of heavy metal with a buzzing guitar sound and a chugging backline. Powerful vocals that lean slightly towards a throaty rasp compliment the music perfectly. 'Angel In The Dark' is a bombastic foot stomp, bristling with energy and power. 'Predator (Animal)' has attitude and a spitting venom style vocal delivery. Chunky guitar riffing and thunderous drums push the song along at a high pace. Slowing the pace, but not the heaviness is 'Burn' which plods along mid tempo.    
The title song 'Chasing Shadows' is a raucous rocker that will have you stamping your feet and nodding your head. Big and meaty is the signature sound of Black Tide and it is here in abundance. The guitar driven 'Before We Form' increases the pace and powers on through some superb guitar work and awesome vocals. With a solid backline keeping the energy levels high 'Before We Form' is a perfect example of the Black Tide sound. Can the pace get any quicker? Oh yes, 'Sex Is Angry' explodes into life in a blistering blaze of guitars and then changes pace as the vocals kick in. Up tempo and lively, 'Sex Is Angry' is a catchy romp!    
Energetic and full of pace 'Welcome To Misery' rocks and rolls like a ship on rough seas, moving swiftly and effortlessly from rock to metal and back to rock. Placing a foot into ballad territory is 'Heaven'. Yes, it is lighters in the air time and a chance to catch your breath from the blistering rock songs that have gone before. 'Promised Land' brings the album to a close in a blaze of thunderous rhythms and rampant guitars. A superb mix of songs, this album has a varied content that will keep hard rock and heavy metal fans very happy.    
Overall, chunky guitars and thunderous rhythms coupled with strong vocals to produce an excellent album of hard rocking, catchy songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Stampede Press UK    
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