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Black Steam E.P.

Black Steam are a heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2017, releasing their self titled E.P. in 2019.    
Bucking the trend of hard rock bands from Sweden, Black Steam deliver a heavier, more heavy metal sound, heavily influenced by the traditional heavy metal and NWOBHM genres. Just by taking one look at the E.P. cover, you know what's waiting inside... And you won't be disappointed either, 'Pain', the first of four songs on offer, sizzles and fizzles with a guitar buzz paying homage to the classic and highly identifiable sound of the NWOBHM evolution. Heavy hitting and stomping hard, 'Pain' is anthemic mid tempo heavy metal - heavy metal the likes of British legends Saxon and Judas Priest have served up over the years.    
'To Your Grave' is more melodic, more majestic and heavier hitting than the opening song. The influence of the two aforementioned British bands is undeniable, Black Steam adopting a more British style of metal than a European one. Welcome to a no power metal or hard rock zone. 'Soul Reaper' echoes the developing sound of heavy metal from the seventies and early eighties, displaying a distinct classic feel. Very much a foot on the monitor vibe, 'Soul Reaper' has a sing a long able chant style chorus.    
With just four song on offer, the debut release from Black Steam has delivered plenty to turn heads wherever it is played. The British feel will have NWOBHM fans slobbering, while traditional heavy metal fans the world over will be delighted by this E.P. 'Motherland' is the fourth and final song, a dark, moody and much heavier song than the other three. The chorus is Manowar-esque in its delivery, epic and anthemic and most definitely a chant style that will be sung by the crowd in a live arena...surely...    
Overall, a meaty romp of British influenced heavy metal, catchy and infectious and a very good debut offering.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV