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Sinister Lightning

Blackslash are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 2007 who released their self titled debut E.P. in 2011 and quickly followed this with their debut album in 2013. Their second album, 'Sinister Lightning', was released in 2015.    
Germany have traditionally been a great breeding crowd for great power metal bands and Blackslash are set to continue that legacy. Following their successful debut album (released in 2011) is 'Sinister Lightning', an album packed to the rafters with some of the best power metal songs ever. Mixing elements from the classic NWOBHM sound, the album gets off to a flier with 'Empire Rising'. A traditional twin guitar attack and a galloping rhythm section, combined with a clean vocal style and true heavy metal fans the world over will be drooling. Keeping the energy levels high and the pace quick comes 'Lucifer's Reign'. Relentless and catchy, memorable hooks and a sing a long style chant of a chorus 'Lucifer's Reign' smacks of mid eighties British heavy metal, with influences from such iconic bands as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. 'Stellar Master' has NWOBHM style riffing, European power metal style vocals and yet another of those catchy choruses that will have a live audience singing along. A head bangers dream of a start, the first three songs are proof that Blackslash are a force to be felt...and felt they are.    
With a widdly guitar intro akin to legends Iron Maiden, 'Edge Of The World' chugs into life and stomps majestically at a mid tempo pace. Chopping guitars and a solid rhythm keeps the pace of the song in check. Pace returns in the form of the sparkling 'Rock 'N' Roll' with its twin guitars duelling, the back line providing rampant support and the guitar solos scream. 'Steel Stallions' is a title for a song you would normally associate with bands such as (British icons) Saxon or (US icons) Manowar. But here it is, making its appearance felt by way of chugging guitars and thunderous drums. The rhythm is one of foot stomping, the guitar sound again taking its roots from the NWOBHM era. Full of pace with clean and clear vocals this style of power metal is just relentless.    
With a sparkling array of riffing, cracking vocals and songs that deserve manic head banging, Blackslash continue the frenzy with 'Wild And Free' which has more than a passing glance towards the (British NWOBHM) band Angel Witch. 'Made Of Steel' is an awesome title for a song and one that you would expect to be flying at over one hundred miles an hour. Wrong...light those torches and wave them high in the air as this is the closest you will ever get to a ballad. Soulful vocals over simple guitaring and a soft supporting rhythm, 'Made Of Steel' is a surprising shift in pace. However, the blistering pace returns for the final song 'Don't Touch Me' and the album ends as it a flurry of guitars and rampant rhythms that will keep you happy and smiley for a long time to come. Bang those heads, this album commands it.    
Overall, traditional sounding European power metal heavily infused with the sounds of the NWOBHM era to produce a high energy, high intensity album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records    
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