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Deep Inside



Black Dreams are a blues-driven, heavy metal band from Finland formed in 2015, releasing their debut single 'Soul Stealer' in 2016. Three more singles followed over the next three years, 'My Hell' (2017), 'Kiss The Gun' (2018), and 'Under My Skin' (2019).    
Four years, four official single releases, and now you'd think it's time for an album? Or an E.P. at the very least! (I seem to remember saying that before). But no, along comes single number five 'Deep Inside'. At the rate Finnish metallers Black Dreams are churning out the singles, their first full length could well be a compilation album...    
...but until then, 'Deep Inside' sees the band take a trip down the melancholy Gothic rock route, delivering a subdued and eerie slow burner with hints of the bands blues based roots...    
...the B side on the other hand, is more up tempo and more like the Black Dreams sound. 'Like A Cockroach' is a mid tempo hard rock song, containing just enough to get your head nodding back and forth.    
Overall, two songs, one band, two genres...diversity or experiment? Not too sure, but Black Dreams continue to grow and widen their musical soundscape.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Inverse Records    
Review is also featured at Metal Gods TV    
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