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Million Lightyears



Beyond The Black are a symphonic metal band from Germany formed in 2014, releasing their debut album 'Songs Of Love And Death' in 2015. This was quickly followed by their second album 'Lost In Forever' the following year. Tours with bands such as Saxon, Korn, Powerwolf and Epica have pushed the band to the forefront of the symphonic metal genre. And with the imminent release of their third album 'Heart Of The Hurricane', the band are on a momentous roll, going from strength to strength with every stride they take.    
'Million Lightyears' is the latest release from the bands upcoming opus, and is one of the best songs to have come out of the symphonic metal genre that I have ever heard. Now for those that know me, they're gonna be well surprised, and possibly shocked, by what I've just said, as normally, symphonic metal doesn't do it for me. The high pitched soaring squeal of so many bands in this genre doesn't float my boat in the slightest, yet bands the likes of Beyond The Black, Control The Storm (UK), Angel Heart (Norway), Metalwings (Bulgaria) and Doxa (Spain) do turn me on to the genre.    
What these bands incorporate into their music is the classic sound of the power metal genre, mixing it with a less squealy vocal performance. Listening to 'Million Lightyears' has given me goose bumps and raised the hairs on my forearms to their highest for some time. The vocal performance of the bands singer, the beautiful Jennifer Haben, is perfection. She sings with passion and emotion, complimented with male backing vocals to give 'Million Lightyears' a unique twist.    
'Million Lightyears' is an infectious romp of symphonic power metal, very addictive and a magnificent march towards the release of 'Heart Of The Hurricane'. Due for release at the end of August, I am wetting myself in anticipation of what will be, I'm sure, a brilliant album and one that will challenge for the title of Album Of The Year 2018.    
Overall, a magnificent and thrilling appetiser for the bands upcoming third album, 'Million Lightyears' is symphonic power metal at its very best.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins