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Imminent Downfall

BattleX are a thrash metal band from Slovenia formed in 2007, releasing their debut E.P. in 2010 and their debut album in 2016.    
'Break My Bones' is an energetic and bombastic opening song that is a fusion of speed and thrash metal. Rampant and raucous it is a head bangers dream. 'Raise Hell' is a hard hitting power metal stomp that will have the mosh pit moshing frantically. The high intensity, mid tempo buzzing 'Final Confrontation' cuts and swathes a brutal path through the airwaves. Snarling vocals also give the song a sinister edge. Throaty rasping vocals lead the way as 'Face To Face' slays the airwaves with chainsaw style guitar work and galloping rhythms. It is brutal and in your face with a superb guitar solo to boot.    
'Dignity' slows the pace, yet is still crushingly heavy as it stomps on its way. The tempo does change throughout the song as 'Dignity' swaggers from side to side. 'The Hierophant' twangs its way into life, echoing the sound of 'Load'/'Reload' era Metallica, even to the extent that the vocals bear a resemblance. Halfway through and 'The Hierophant' explodes into life and races on at pace to a conclusion. Dark, sinister sounding and very heavy, 'Whispers In The Sand' stomps and stamps its authority on the airwaves as it moves stealthily forward, with a slight hint at the aforementioned era Metallica.    
Picking up the pace and thrashing hard 'Circus Of Trust' is a relentless barrage of brutal riffing and mildly aggressive vocals. The sheer varied nature of this album is a pleasure and offers so much for old and new fans alike. Rhythms gallop with thunder, guitar solos are superb and the throaty, gravel edged vocal delivery is a perfect match. 'The Ascent' builds the atmosphere, leading into the title song 'Imminent Downfall'. Skull crushingly heavy 'Imminent Downfall' has a darker vocal delivery and an atmosphere sinister enough to send a chill down your spine, yet still retains an infectious nature.    
Overall, powerful, high paced thrash metal with some slower, mid tempo pace thrown in to give the listener a varied listening pleasure.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Promotion    
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