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Hate Injection

Battlecreek are a thrash metal band from Germany formed in 2004 releasing a demo in 2008 and their debut album in 2011. Their second album 'Hate Injection' was released in 2014.    
Germany has a great tradition when it comes to metal, either power or thrash. And in the shape of Battlecreek, that tradition is still going strong. With a brutality and ferocity not heard since the early days of thrash metal kings Kreator and Slayer, the new Battlecreek album opens with 'Dealing Death'. Gruff vocals over jack hammer style riffing and a thunderous rhythm that is liable to splinter concrete, 'Dealing Death' is a ferocious opening salvo. Not bowing to modern trends, Battlecreek continue with the "old school" thrash metal sound in the form of 'Redneck Riot', with its screeching guitar and blistering solo. Frenetic and high speed 'Redneck Riot' is a raucous rampage. 'Kill Or Be Killed' rattles along at break neck speed and will demolish walls such is its ferocity. Aggressive in nature, your head will banging so hard you will need a prescription for a tonne of headache tablets.    
Title song 'Hate Injection' is in your face, blunt and brash as it storms on. The sheer brutality and aggressive force of thrash metal on show here is simply breath taking. Blistering guitar work, superb guitar solos and a rhythm section so strong and powerful you better watch out before you get blown away. Pace slows a little as 'Blood For The President' chugs into life and foot stomps on its way until a change of after the first minute sees the blistering pace return. Vocals are gruff and aggressive as 'Blood For The President' continues to hit hard, hard enough to smash down walls. The guitar work throughout the album is just amazing, with every guitar solo a screeching, screaming blast of superb musicianship. An awesome sounding guitar riff brings 'Fuck The Demon' to life and as it chugs relentlessly there is a hint of the crossover style that Anthrax developed during the early nineties.    
'Hell In A Cell' is the only song on the album to break the five minute in length barrier and at nearly seven minutes is twice the length of many of the other songs. And with the extra length comes more music...a chugging foot stomping rhythm that changes pace into a blistering, face melting, thunderous storm of classic thrash metal. The influence of the Slayer sound is hard to ignore as the album runs on its way but in the form of instrumental 'Daedldi Daedldi Dae' hint at Slayer or any other thrash metal bands of the past. 'Daedldi Daedldi Dae' is all Battlecreek. The final song 'Nodeng Of Darkness' serves up one hell of a surprise - the amazing change in vocal style. A death metal grunt of a growl over a skull crushingly heavy stomp and it almost sounds like a different band. But when the guitars screech and scream you know it is still Battlecreek.    
Overall, aggressive and brutal old school thrash metal with screeching and screaming guitar solos complimented with an in your face throaty raspy vocal style.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Promotion    
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